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:: Vendor Highlight // The R2 Studio ::

“The R2 Studio. Photographers with mad skills. Because without us, it’s just a wedding”

[The R2 Studio]

wedThe R2 Studio is a MRSter Approved vendor that you will see time and again on our Brag Mag, and it’s super evident as to why – they freaking rock! They describe themselves as “photographers with mad skills”, and they sure are….


Robin and Renee are the two R’s that make up the R2 Studio. Robin has a creative eye and loves the fashion and editorial elements of the wedding day; something that is reflected through her edgy photography style. On the other hand, Renee’s photo style tends to convey the romantic and sentimental moments of the day.

“So while Robin is rockin’ you out for a magazine spread, Renee is capturing your emotional and candid side!”.

You get the best of both worlds with these two. And being a same sex couple themselves, Robin and Renee are also experts in same sex wedding photography, and of course, fully support marriage equality! Did you know? Renee is also a MRSter advisory board member, find out more about her here!


But they are not the only two members of this rad photography team! There is also Andy and Mykie who are “the two dudes who make up R2’s Team Photography”, and have been selected and trained to work solely for the R2 Studio, so you can be sure that you receive the 100% R2 quality and experience from beginning to end.

andy mykie

And as if that wasn’t enough, they have also created the super cool R2 Video Team, made up of Ashley and Adam; the perfect compliment to your wedding photography! They focus on a documentary style of filming that is “more raw, more real, and 100% more R2 than any other Phoenix wedding videography team out there” [The R2 Studio].

ash adam

As a team, each member of the R2 Studio brings different strengths to the table. And together, they thrive on locations that are urban, architectural and unique, to bring you imagery that is concept driven, full of attitude, “and just plain AWESOME editorial” [The R2 Studio].

So, if you value photography and are looking for seriously rad photographers, and/or videographers, for your wedding, engagement, or other event, you should join “The R2 Family” (“kind of like a cool gang”) today! They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, but are also destination wedding photographers on the side. The R2 Studio love to travel and experience new or familiar places, so if you live outside of Arizona, don’t panic! Let them know where you are, or are off to, and they will put together a custom collection just for you!


“We are not just another PHOTOGRAPHY company. This is The R2 Studio”.

[The R2 Studio]

For more information, click here to view their website.

Don’t forget to check out their FABuLIST listing by clicking here!

*All photography via The R2 Studio, of course!

Sian Clark // Social Media Manager

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