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Organization and staying sane is a priority for every newly engaged couple, and now you can put your smartphone to work for you with these awesome and time-saving wedding planning apps! Here is just a few of my favorites…check them out!

1. Appy Couple :: Free!

It’s almost like a wedding planner in your pocket. Easy to use app creates a wedding website that your guests can interact with easily. Upload info about the big day and help loved ones stay connected! Best of all? It’s super stylish!

2. Brides Wedding Genius :: Free!

An amazing resource for dresses and jewelry! Also, make sure to check out the travel section!

3. Fun Wedding :: $1.99

This app has extensive music lists to keep the party rockin’! Browse by decade or look by father/daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc.

4. Guest List Organizer :: $4.99

The easy import from facebook or your contacts make this app super easy and convenient.

5. Pinterest :: Free!

We know, we know. You are probably already as addicted to this one as we are! But it warrants a shout out here! If you haven’t checked it out yet…go. IMMEDIATELY!

6. Tie Right :: $0.99

If only I had a nickel for every time someone in a wedding party did not know how to tie their tie. Eliminate stress by adding this handy app to your groomsman gifts. It provides step by step tutorials on taming the elusive Windsor.

7. Wedding Countdown :: Free!

Anyone can tell you approximately when your wedding is going to take place. Having this app insures that you know what time you are walking down the aisle to the second!

8. Wedding Gawker :: Free!

Like pinterest, except all weddings! Most images are submitted by photographers so the are great quality and provide serious inspiration!

9. Wedding Scan :: $2.99

Create a wedding registry from multiple stores! In the store and spot an item you want to register for? This app lets you scan it right then and there and creates and cohesive registry for you online!

10. Wedding Snap :: Free!

Let your guests know to download the app and the pictures they take at your wedding with the app will download to your wedding album. Everyone gets to be your photographer and you don’t have to pick up any disposable cameras!


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