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:: Focusing On The Wedding Ceremony ::

A wedding is a lot of things. It is a celebration, of course. It is a time to share your commitment not only with each other, but with those friends and relatives who are most important to you. People honor the couple with toasts and gifts. There is usually music, dancing, food and drink, and all manner of merriment. But really, the main focus, the part where you and your love officially become a couple, is the wedding ceremony. Here is a description of the usual and basic components of the actual wedding ceremony:

1 :: The Procession :: This formally marks the beginning of the ceremony and is when the wedding party enters. In most cases, music accompanies the processional, and the wedding party enters in a predetermined order.

2 :: The Invocation :: The officiant welcomes the guests, introduces the couple, and states the reason for the gathering. This is the time when the officiant, and/or others, have the opportunity to have a special reading, share a pertinent story, or present a special song.

3 :: Declaration of Intent :: This is when the officiant asks the couple if they take each other in marriage. It is the verbal declaration of your consent to wed and is a legal requirement in any wedding ceremony.

4 :: Vows and Ring Exchange :: This is when the couple declare their love and commitment one to another. The officiant may guide your words in a “repeat after me” fashion, or you may say your own vows. Rings are exchanged, and other rituals may take place here, like the lighting of a unity candle.

Wedding Ring Exchange

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5 :: Pronouncement :: This is where the marriage of the two is officially announced and is also a legal requirement in any wedding ceremony. You can now think of yourselves as a blending of two people, a new entity that, while retaining your distinct personalities, binds into a distinct persona by way of a union, aka marriage.

6 :: Recessional :: This marks the end of the ceremony. The new couple usually exit first, followed by the wedding party and then the guests. Now it’s time to celebrate!

Just Married

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Did, or will, your wedding ceremony differ to the above? We would love to hear from you!!

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