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:: Top Five Friday :: Unusual Ways To Propose On Valentine’s Day ::

Ahh, romance. Romantic moments warm everyone’s heart and people are glad to help you create the perfect proposal for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. Here is an opportunity to create a memory that will be told and retold throughout the future and MRSter would like to share some unusual ways to help you get thinking about your own proposal. Here are our top five unusual ways to propose on Valentine’s Day:

1 :: Create a Scrapbook. If you are the sentimental type, you may have already amassed souvenirs of places you’ve been together; event tickets, playbills, travel tickets receipts, fortune cookie sayings, maps – anything significant in paper form. Add photographs of course, and maybe even a poem or original sentiment or two. On the very last page, pop the question with the a big bold, “Will you Marry Me,” statement.

2 :: Arrange for a Flash Mob. This can be incredibly gratifying and a whole lot of fun for everyone. You can prearrange a special song (and dance) routine that is significant to the two of you. Then pop the big question at the very end. Make sure you arrange for a friend to video the performance!

3:: Go on a Treasure Hunt. Text a few, ( but not too many), hints and clues for your loved one to wind up at a special location where you are waiting with a bottle of champagne… and a ring!

4 :: Advertise. Take out a full page ad in your local newspaper with a photograph of the two of you. Include your words of love and of course, your proposal.

5 :: Hire a Limousine. Have drinks available in the limo while you travel to a prearranged, private spot where you have a table, lighting and music set up for a catered dinner. Pop the question after the meal.

Just remember to create your unique proposal based on ideas that are right for the two of you. Think of places that are special to the both of you, music that is significant to your relationship, and things that interest you both. Bring your combined uniqueness into the proposal.

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