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:: Ways to Announce your Engagement ::

So you two have decided to make it official, and one of you popped the question! Congratulations, that’s great news!

Of course, you probably want to shout it from the rooftops and share your exciting news with friends and family. Here are some of our favorite ideas as to how you can make your big announcement:

1 :: Go Hi-Tech :: Create a Wedding Website. You can start with announcing your engagement with photos and text, and then use the website to keep friends and family updated as you go through the planning process. You can include stories about how you met, a pictorial of your life together so far; details about your wedding registry; who will be in your wedding party, and so on.

2 :: Send a photo postcard :: I know putting something in the mail may seem outdated to some people, but if you have a really cute photo of the two of you, I’d bet that the receivers will be delighted to get it. Besides, it makes a great keepsake for your family and friends. You can get creative with the photo in lots of fun ways. Alternatively, you can simply send a Save the Date postcard with your wedding date and venue on it.

3 :: Throw a big party :: Don’t let anyone know why, and at the end of the evening make your big announcement. You don’t need to spend tons of money; have a backyard BBQ, a lakeside picnic where you assign different people to bring different items, or make it super simple by hosting a potluck.

4 :: Hire a flash mob :: For a truly memorable announcement, and if you’re in a big city where flash mobs are available for hire, this is a truly exciting way to get the word out. You just need to get your friends and family in one place under a pretext like a fake birthday party and go for it! See the video below for an amazing example… It’s still one of our favorites!

4 :: Make a video :: Just a short one – you could make it funny, or sentimental. Then simply send it via text, email, or post it on your social media platforms.

How are you planning to announce your engagement?! Let us know!

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