Labeling Same Sex Weddings

Guest Blogger :: Shannon After much conversation with my family, friends, and acquaintances I feel the need to “discuss” what our special day will be called. It seems as if it makes more “sense” to people when a label is attached. When we finally selected a “wedding” date we heard many positive responses like: “Awesome!!”“Congratulations!!”“Yay! When??”“You […]

Real Wedding:: Mike+ Dan

Guest Blogger:: Joey Some friends of mine were married in Canada recently and I was dying to know the details (and of course share them with readers). These guys are fortunate because one of them has dual US/Canadian citizenship, so planning a legal ceremony fell right into place with Canada’s gay wedding laws.  Readers, […]

Popping the Questions About Our Engagement

Guest Blogger:: Drew  “So, who asked who?” To tell you the truth, we sort of asked each other. We had shared many great conversations about someday getting married and having a family like all loving couples want. After spending just over three years together and going through enough ups and downs to know that we were both working […]

The Happiest Proposal On Earth

The video below of the ultimate dream proposal has made quite a splash around the Web.  Some are questioning whether the clip is authentic or merely a creative PR move on the part of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Department.  Either way, a proposal like this one would be impossible to turn down!  Check it out:

My Fairytale Proposal

Guest Blogger :: Shannon Ahhhh…December 8, 2006…Cool crisp day…Erika told me she had a “surprise” and to meet her at the apartment right after work and to pack a bag just in case. Side Note: I am an EXPERT packer by the way…Erika will tell you this is a task I love. (The unpacking, not […]

Five Down, Forty Five to Go.

Photo Credit :: Huffington Post Guest Blogger :: Gina  Five down, forty five to go. Yesterday, New Hampshire became the fifth state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage and provide the same benefits to same-sex couples as those that heterosexual pairings take for granted. Governor John Lynch approved the bill that was passed by […]