Labeling Same Sex Weddings

Guest Blogger :: Shannon After much conversation with my family, friends, and acquaintances I feel the need to “discuss” what our special day will be called. It seems as if it makes more “sense” to people when a label is attached. When we finally selected a “wedding” date we heard many positive responses like: “Awesome!!”“Congratulations!!”“Yay! When??”“You […]

Real Wedding:: Mike+ Dan

Guest Blogger:: Joey Some friends of mine were married in Canada recently and I was dying to know the details (and of course share them with readers). These guys are fortunate because one of them has dual US/Canadian citizenship, so planning a legal ceremony fell right into place with Canada’s gay wedding laws.  Readers, […]

Popping the Questions About Our Engagement

Guest Blogger:: Drew  “So, who asked who?” To tell you the truth, we sort of asked each other. We had shared many great conversations about someday getting married and having a family like all loving couples want. After spending just over three years together and going through enough ups and downs to know that we were both working […]

The Happiest Proposal On Earth

The video below of the ultimate dream proposal has made quite a splash around the Web.  Some are questioning whether the clip is authentic or merely a creative PR move on the part of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Department.  Either way, a proposal like this one would be impossible to turn down!  Check it out:

My Fairytale Proposal

Guest Blogger :: Shannon Ahhhh…December 8, 2006…Cool crisp day…Erika told me she had a “surprise” and to meet her at the apartment right after work and to pack a bag just in case. Side Note: I am an EXPERT packer by the way…Erika will tell you this is a task I love. (The unpacking, not […]

Five Down, Forty Five to Go.

Photo Credit :: Huffington Post Guest Blogger :: Gina  Five down, forty five to go. Yesterday, New Hampshire became the fifth state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage and provide the same benefits to same-sex couples as those that heterosexual pairings take for granted. Governor John Lynch approved the bill that was passed by […]

Minor Setback in Gay Marriage Debate

Guest Blogger :: Ryan  Today the California Supreme Court voted to uphold Proposition 8, maintaining the state’s ban on gay marriage.  The court was quick to reiterate that civil unions are an alternative, giving gay couples similar legal rights, but that they could not overturn the opinion of the voters.   I can’t help but […]