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Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. When it’s over all that will be left are your photos. Don’t trust your Wedding Photography to the inexperienced, hire a professional.

Life has an ironic sense of humour. Sometimes a moment can feel like it goes on forever and sometimes it’s over so quickly we aren’t sure it actually happened. From my humble beginnings as an enthusiastic, amateur I discovered a reverence and respect for the life preserving quality of the photograph. Everyone has a story and everyone has moments of their story they want to re-live over and over. The ability of a photograph to bring one back to a time, a place, or a feeling is overwhelming…and amazing. The Calgary Wedding Photography scene is full of talented photographers. Why choose me? Because you want an educated professional that tells your personal wedding story, captured as it happens, not as a series of created moments. I love old school photojournalism. I love capturing real life. You are what makes your story unique. I also love the beauty of creating art. Wedding Photography, for me, is a glorious mix of preserving life in fine art. My job is to capture the moment in your life when you commit yourself to another person, to show you how you look, who was there, how you felt… Your story is held in beautiful images forever.

My job is to freeze time for you.

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I have been preserving the stories of couples since 2002 and I’m still enamoured with what I do. I’d love to create a photography experience personalized just for you. I’d love to preserve your wedding day for you. Want to get in front of my camera? Shoot me an email, I want to help.