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Declaring your love for each other was easy. Planning the wedding involves serious effort. As a compassionate creative artist, I have experienced tremendous joy in playing such a key role in preserving memories my clients will treasure for a lifetime.

Photography is my calling, and I deliver meaningful images that tell your unique love story to the world. While I enjoy working on all weddings, I’m most passionate about working with same-sex couples. In fact, I’m on a mission to prove to the world that love is love. People are people.

Here are a few tips I hope will help you find the right photographer for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Leverage what you already know about choosing the perfect life partner to guide you.

  • Have a great plan. Your photographer’s enthusiasm for your ideas should spark more of your own and create synergy that brings your wedding to life. The three of you will then be able to create a plan to capture the various images.
  • Understand that a trend is not your friend. Years from now you want your grandchildren to say, “Aww,” not, “Oh.” A savvy photographer will gently guide you toward a clean classic style.
  • Communicate like best friends. None of your concerns are trivial. You must be comfortable that you will be able to easily sail through anything that comes up and still feel good about working closely together.
  • Know you can trust him in word and deed. The ideal photographer will be a well-oiled machine in executing the plan you agreed upon right from the start. Promises made are promises kept.

When you work with DM Photographs, you’re getting much more than just “pictures.” You’re working with an artist who has invested hundreds of hours into his craft and navigated the joys and frustrations of countless failures and experimentation that built skills and personal style to the professional level.

You’re investing in time for us to do for you what we love the most: pour our heart and soul into capturing your once-in-a-lifetime memories and turn them into works of art, with unexpected visual impact that will touch your heart every time you look back at this most special time in your lives.

We love collaborating with our amazing clients to customize a thoughtful plan to make your day shine.

Available to document love stories worldwide.  Custom quotes provided, please inquire.