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Hi! I’m Raven, an Atlanta wedding photographer who thinks you’re perfect just the way you are. Okay, it may be a quote from Bridget Jones’ Diary, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

Though I love to travel and photograph destination weddings as well, doing Atlanta wedding photography always has a special place in my heart. There are so many cool places to explore!

I’m all about people who are unapologetically themselves. My job as a wedding photographer means getting to meet and connect with some of the coolest people on the damned planet. I get to attend hugely happy and fun events with amazing people every weekend. It’s so big for me to be able to work with a couple {or a vendor, for that matter} and say YASSS, YOU’RE IT, YOU GET IT and do a happy dance when I get back to my car.

I really love the kind of people who are not afraid to be themselves, who certainly are not going to follow a trend just because it’s a trend. The type of couple who celebrates getting married in a way that’s meaningful to them – no pretenses, no “I have to do this because so-and-so did this.” They make their own choices and honor who they really are and what they want in their lives and in their wedding, and they have fun doing it. As a photographer, I really respect that, because that’s exactly how I work, too.