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14 Stories

Since 2004, we’ve produced extraordinary weddings, parties and events for 400+ discerning LGBTQ and progressive couples from around the globe. Founder Bernadette Smith has written three books on wedding planning and travels the world training her peers towards our vision for a global wedding industry fully inclusive of all couples, including LGBTQ couples.

At 14 Stories, we believe that you deserve to have a meticulously created wedding (or event) that tells your story and gives your guests an unforgettable experience that is authentically you. Whether in the U.S. or overseas, we like to plan experiential and interactive weddings, with surprises that appeal to all five senses. We consistently hear from our clients’ guests, “That was the best wedding ever!” – and that’s our goal. Whatever it takes.

We’ll listen to your story and get right to the heart of what will make your wedding day as magical as the day you first met. Our team has produced distinctive weddings on islands, in lofts, in libraries, museums and in private residences. We can transform any space to make your vision come to life.

Among many other things, we’ll scout locations with you, build the perfect team of creative partners and coordinate all rentals and logistics. We’ll create mood boards to tell the story of your wedding complete with design themes, color palettes, inventive entertainment, and create an overall atmosphere that will make your special day truly unique to who you are.

(everything is custom priced so contact us to learn more.)