Wedding Photography Tips :: Part One // Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Not Take Photos At The Wedding?

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Wedding Photography Tips :: Part One // Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Not Take Photos At The Wedding?

Photography has been rated as one of the top investments when planning a wedding, so we understand the value and importance of it. It holds that moment, that memory, for a lifetime, and those photographs become everlasting moments captured in a flash. You may find yourself with questions regarding this aspect of your wedding, so it is a good idea to brush up on some basic wedding photography tips, and of course, be sure to talk it over with your chosen wedding photographer before the big day.

Today, MRSter is so excited to present a four part blog post with Parker Radbourne of {MRSter Approved} company The PK Photographs. Parker will be offering us some professional wedding photography advice to some of the most common wedding photography questions…

MRSter :: Why and when is it important to ask your wedding guests to refrain from photo taking?

Parker :: I truly hate the idea of asking guests to completely refrain from taking photos. This is a huge, emotional event, and when people who rarely see each other are together, it only makes sense for them to be taking photos of themselves, with others, and of course of the couple getting married. That being said, as a professional wedding photographer, I always advise my couples to consider having an “unplugged ceremony”, where the guests are asked at the beginning of the ceremony, (some couples include it on their invitations), to refrain from taking photos, to sit back, and enjoy the event by being present. This usually sets a precedent for the rest of the event, as well, by just making the guests aware of the fact that professional photography is important to the couple.

There are two reasons for an unplugged ceremony. The first is flash, and the second is guests accidentally getting in between the professional/s and the couple… Causing missed shots. Occasionally, guests will use flash at the same time as the photographer is shooting. The photographer’s camera is set for a specific lighting situation, so the guest’s flash will completely ruin the image, and most wedding ceremonies can’t be redone to recapture images that were ruined by external factors. In addition, most guests at weddings, (even those who bring expensive cameras), aren’t used to having to work around, and constantly be aware of the location of hired photographers. When they get in the middle of the aisle to get a great shot of the couple during their first kiss, they don’t even realize that they stepped between the professional wedding photographer that the couple hired, and the couple. Then the photographer just has an image of the guest’s back… And that’s not what most couples are paying thousands of dollars for! Most guests stay seated and are quite polite during wedding ceremonies, but by asking guests to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony altogether, it rules out a lot of potential issues. Same idea during formal portraits and events during the reception. I don’t think guests should necessarily have to put away their cameras/phones during these events, but it’s very important to be respectful of the fact that the couple spent a lot of time and energy hiring a specific professional photographer.

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MRSter Tip:: Letting your guests know when they can take photos themselves is quite acceptable. Ways of doing so could include; having the officiant let everyone know, have it written in your ceremony program, a sign at the entrance of your ceremony, or asking your reception entertainment to announce when it is okay to take photos.

For more suggestions as to how to politely inform your guests that you are having an unplugged wedding, check out our blog post here.

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