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:: Intimate Simplicity ::

Submitted by :: Grooms, Orren and Daniel Hopkins.

We kept things simple, black and white so everybody looked good. We had a friend take our pictures so that we could edit them ourselves because we’re photographers.

We had 18 guests, a simple ceremony at the Registry Office. The meal was at a local restaurant that set off a section for us for a three course meal. It was perfect.

It was really nice to see our friends there celebrating our union. Everyone was supportive, we had a couple of surprises from best friends and even a surprise speech from my Dad.

Our friend did a reading at the ceremony and winked at me at the end, and I also went through the whole ceremony with a piece of fluff on my face which Daniel removed when we were singing the register… So there was quite a few laughs.


Intimate. Laughter. Surprises.

The Professionals

Photography :: TH Photography
Restaurant :: The Bowling Green


Lichfield, UK


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