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:: How To Word A Same-Sex Wedding Invitation ::

Wedding invitation wording varies depending on who is hosting the wedding, and can be formatted in a casual or formal style. Many unique situations are the norm rather than the rule, but the invitations should always include essential information that follows the who, what, where, and when rule.

MRSter consulted with FABuLIST invitation expert Mattie Tomasik of  {MRSter Approved} Lola Lee Invitations for her advice when it comes to how to word same-sex wedding invitations.

Mattie says: 

“My advice would be to word the invitation in a way that represents the couple’s personality & style. When you choose to use the wording ‘invite you to witness their marriage’ or ‘request the honour of your presence at the marriage of’, I think it sets the tone for a more formal or traditional event. There are so many ways to word your wedding invitations now, that a couple could also choose to use one of the following:

:: Celebrate as we pledge our love and commitment

:: Celebrate our union

:: We invite you to share with us the joy of our union

:: Express our commitment to each other”

MRSter adds that while invitations via e-mail or websites such as Evite are fine for many types of get-togethers, a wedding demands an invitation with substance and longevity, so a snail-mailed invitation is the way to go. Besides, the wedding invitation becomes a keepsake for the most important day of your lives. This blogger knows someone who keeps her immigrant grandparents wedding invitation from 1917 framed in the living room! Fabulous!

Are you a same-sex couple planning your wedding? What wording did you, or are you thinking of, using for your wedding invitations? We would love to hear some of your suggestions!

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