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:: How To Tell Your Friends & Family That You Eloped ::

The marriage ceremony is an important and obviously significant ritual of life. If you and your spouse decided to skip the big fanfare and elope, that is entirely your decision, albeit a sensitive one. Be prepared for some mixed reactions when you let friends and family know…

Start by telling your parents, or whoever the parent figures are in your lives (MRSter understands that sometimes LGBT couples don’t have accepting parents – sad to say). If at all possible, see them in person to share your exciting news and maybe even tell them they are the first to know. Then, tell the rest of your family and your friends. Don’t apologize. You are sharing happy news – don’t forget that! You could offer an explanation as to why you made the decision to elope if you choose. Perhaps the thought of having all that attention at a traditional wedding made you want to run for the hills. Or, maybe your reasoning was financially based. Or maybe you two just didn’t want to wait. Or maybe you feel that no explanation is necessary, other than that you love each other and decided to elope.

You will probably find that some people will be very happy for you, while others will be upset or annoyed that you did not include them in your big day. People may be miffed at you because they may have their own expectations of your wedding or their role in it, but remember their “miffeness” usually comes from a place of love. Hooray for the happy ones and boo to the miffed ones… They’ll get over it, or not, but that’s their problem which hopefully will resolve on its own.

You might consider sending out a marriage announcement built around a cute photo of the two of you. While you’re here on our webpage, please consult our FABuLIST for our FABULOUS MRSter approved photographers that would love to do a couples session with you!  It’s a good idea to wait before posting your news on a social media site. Allow ample time to share your news with the people you are close to before making a general public announcement.

Finally and only if you really, really, want to, have a reception afterward. You can make this a small and intimate affair or a big shindig. Maybe you can tie it in with a holiday that’s already happening, or make it as simple as a family picnic. Maybe some of your friends or family would even like to throw a nice reception for you.

The marriage of two people is a beautiful thing. MRSter wishes you much joy and lasting love.

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