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:: How To Make Your Wedding Business Truly Inclusive ::

For some time now, and particularly since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide back in June, there has been an increased interest in the fairly ‘new’ and exciting demographic of engaged LGBT couples looking to legally marry.

We have seen a large number of businesses and wedding vendors trying to embrace this demographic and ensure that their business is inclusive to ALL couples, but for many it is a daunting process. Vendors are nervous about what they should say, how they should ask questions, whether they are asking the right questions… worried to say the wrong thing. Then on the other hand, there are businesses who believe that they are fully inclusive and welcoming to LGBT couples, yet in reality, they are unknowingly turning off couples. MRSter are here to help…

How To Make Your Wedding Business Truly Inclusive

Cicely {Co-Founder of MRSter} recently had the opportunity to chatter with Heidi of Evolve Your Wedding Business.Com, for a special podcast about how vendors can avoid this, and ensure that their wedding business is truly inclusive. The podcast episode covers the following ::

:: How to focus on inclusion and not separation.

:: How MRSter benefits from having an advisory board and how you can create your own.

:: How we often overcomplicate the way we approach LGBT couples.

:: The common mistakes wedding pros make when it comes to being inclusive.

:: Why you may not be getting as many LGBT weddings as your expected.

:: How you can showcase that you’re open to working with LGBT couples.

:: The importance of gender neutral language on your website & in your marketing.

:: How 2nd class phrases actually take away from marriage equality.

:: How to take your straight glasses off and view your business from a different perspective.

:: How MRSter is working to connect LGBT couples to amazing wedding vendors like you.

You can check out the podcast here.

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