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:: How To Look Photo-Ready When It’s Cold Outside ::

Brrrr, it’s sooo cold outside and you’re due to meet with your photographer for an outside photo shoot. The wind is blowing, your cheeks are red, and your teeth are chattering… So what can you do to look your best while braving the cold? Here are a few tips that may help you survive a cold weather shoot:

Photography :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses

Photography :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses

1 :: Think underwear. Hopefully your outer outfit will accommodate thermal underwear, aka long johns. There are a variety of styles on the market that are close fitting under your clothing and will help you keep nice and warm. Just make sure to try them on under your outerwear to make sure your thermals can’t be seen.

2 :: If the wind is blowing, this can actually be a good thing for your hair as captured by a professional photographer. A windblown hairstyle can be quite attractive. Just make sure to let your hairdresser know so that a product conducive to the weather can be used. Make sure however, that you bring styling products with you, including a brush and a comb, to facilitate quick touch ups between shots.

Photography :: Rhonda Lewis Photography

Photography :: Rhonda Lewis Photography

3 :: To tone down bright red checks, carry a compact and mirror with you. A bit of powder should do the trick.

4 :: If at all possible, have an indoor place available close to the shoot to take a quick break, even if it’s just an automobile. You’d be a surprised at how quickly you can warm up and be ready to brave the cold again.

5 :: If you’re not worried about camouflaging the cold weather in your photos, consider playing up the cold theme by wearing really cute coats, scarfs, hats and boots. This way, you can have all sorts of fun and still stay nice and warm. Besides, you know you’ll be looking good, even with those extra layers.

Always, in any photo shoot, in any weather, just be uniquely you! You’ll be helping your photographer get the very best shots by relaxing and having fun! 

Do you have any tips as to how to look photo-ready during a cold outdoor shoot? We would love to hear your ideas!

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