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:: How to Have a Wedding for $1,000 ::

In today’s society, whereby the national average cost of a wedding is at an all-time high; a staggering $29,858 in 2013, and rising (The Knot, 2014), it’s really no wonder that wedding planning is so stressful and evidently costly. You may think that having a wedding on a budget is difficult, and I’m sure you think it is impossible to come up with a wedding for just $1,000. However, this is actually a feat that many couples have managed to make happen. The key? Keep it simple, be flexible, and think outside the box. Here’s some guidance as to how…

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Timing :: Be flexible about the timing of your wedding; down to the month, day and time of the ceremony. Understandably, the majority of event spaces charge considerably more for the most popular months and dates, because the demand is there. So rather than opting for a Saturday evening in June, September or October, instead go for a Friday or Sunday afternoon in a less popular month. If you time it right, this could help you save big on the catering side of things too. Appetizers and champagne mid-afternoon is going to cost you much less to provide to your guests than an evening sit-down meal. Due to there being less demand for these options, vendors will be more willing to negotiate discounted prices on various wedding services; saving you tons of funds.

Venue :: The venue is arguably the biggest wedding expense for couples. This is supported by the findings of The Knot’s Real Wedding Study (2014) that revealed the average spend on the reception venue alone is $13, 385. Add the separate expense of $1,793 for the ceremony site, and you can see that the average venue comes with a hefty price tag! But fear not, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be relatively easy to find free or inexpensive locations to get married, such as beautiful local parks, lakes or beaches. Or perhaps a relative or a friend of yours has a gorgeous backyard that would make the perfect setting. Think outside the box on this one, and do your research to find somewhere that’s perfect for your special day.

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Numbers :: Cost of Wedding (2014) state that “a single guest could add between $157 and $192 to the overall cost of your wedding”. So when it comes to numbers, the easiest way to save money on your wedding is to keep the guest list to a minimum. Instead of throwing a big extravagant affair where you feel compelled to invite anyone and everyone, opt for a more intimate occasion whereby you only invite your closest family and friends. Alongside this, try and keep the size of your wedding party to a minimum as well; this will greatly alleviate other costs such as apparel and floral.

Apparel :: The internet is one great resource for finding heavily discounted wedding attire. Some great options include recycled wedding item websites, whereby couples sell their items used for their big day, including apparel. Another popular alternative is rental websites; you can rent apparel items for yourselves and the entire wedding party for a fraction of the cost of buying them. When you’re done, just bag them up and put them in the post… simple! Also, keep an eye out for discounts in department stores, and sample sales at local wedding apparel stores, as they often have big discounts on designer suits and dresses.

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Invitations :: Making your own wedding invitations could save you hundreds of dollars. If you are the crafty sort, or can recruit a friend or family member who is, you can visit a craft store and get all of the supplies you need to create DIY invitations for very little money. Alternatively, there are numerous templates and online photo print companies that allow you to upload photos that can then be easily turned into wedding invitations with the click of a few buttons. This has recently become a very popular option, and a cost effective one at that.

Head over to the blog next week for part two of the ‘How to Have a Wedding for $1,000’ series, where I’ll be giving you even more suggestions as to how you can pull off a beautiful wedding that doesn’t blow the budget.


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