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:: How To Handle Common Wedding Planning Disagreements ::

Teamwork is super important for any joint effort. When it comes to planning a wedding, emotions tend to run high and passionate disagreements may arise… Especially when it comes to budgets and choices.

We asked expert event planner Chanda Monique Daniels, Creative Director and owner of {MRSter Approved} A Monique Affair, how to handle common wedding planning disagreements. Here are her valuable insights:

MRSter ::  Assuming parents are paying for the wedding, should they have final say, or should precedence be given to the couple who are getting married?

Chanda ::  If parents are investing in the couple’s wedding, a compromise of power should be reflected. The parents should be encouraged to understand that the couple, whose day it is ultimately, should have the final say. The couple is creating their love story, not the parents. Unless it’s something the parents have strong feelings about, such as inviting a distant cousin, which really has little bearing on the outcome of the wedding, the couple’s desires should be given preference.

A Monique Affair

Chanda of {MRSter Approved} A Monique Affair

MRSter :: What if the wedding is being paid for by the couple and they are in disagreement?

Chanda :: For the couple, I tell each person to decide early on in the planning process to pick one thing each that they absolutely must have, or have strong feelings about, such as music or food choices. Then, when, and if, these disagreements come up – there can be a check in, like, “Is this your big feeling item? If not, let’s keep it moving!”

MRSter :: Should the person who is contributing most to the wedding have the final say?

Chanda :: No! I can totally say that because the planning process is actually a good test to see how your marriage will be, because you are going through the money conversations, which often require compromises, etc. The wedding is about the couple and not just about the person who is paying. That would be totally unfair and a complete opposite of what a marriage is about.

“Money – Savings” by 401(K) 2012 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Money – Savings” by 401(K) 2012 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

MRSter :: What is your primary suggestion for solving disagreements over budget/choices involved in wedding planning?

Chanda :: Have solid conversations in the beginning! Find out what those items are that you have strong feelings about. What is the solid investment amount that makes you both feel comfortable? Once you have those conversations and things come up, you can go back to that original conversation as reference. Meet with a planner so you can know what a realistic investment for your wedding should be. That’s where the drama comes in – not knowing the true costs.

Did you and your significant other run into any disagreements during the wedding planning process? How did you handle them?! We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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