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:: How To Deal With Rain On Your Wedding Day ::

Your wedding day has arrived! You wake up, luxuriously stretch with a big smile on your face, look out the window and gasp! Oh no! Fast dark clouds are approaching… It’s going to rain! Even though you checked the weather forecast, sometimes Mother Nature does not cooperate. It happens. But, you planned an outdoor wedding! So now what do you do?

:: Round up your wedding party and enlist their ad in calling/texting guests to bring umbrellas… And extra umbrellas.

Red Riding Hood Wedding

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:: Consult with your photographer, who will likely be excited about taking advantage of the mystic light that a rainy day provides. We asked professional photographer of {MRSter Approved} Alyssa Campbell Photography for her take on a rainy day shoot. Alyssa says:

“Rain isn’t actually a bad thing. Clouds diffuse the sun, giving everything a softer light, not to mention give the sky a dramatic, moodier look. Umbrellas can be fun props to incorporate into portraits. And rain, especially at night, give wonderful ambiance to portraits when you place a light behind the couple and ‘backlight’ the rain. I think it makes things look wonderfully romantic and cool, and not many couples get portraits in the rain! These portraits can be done under umbrellas as well, so you won’t get your clothes and hair wet.”

:: Trust that your venue will help with a contingency plan. Contact them right away. Most venues have indoor space that can be utilized in a pinch. If it’s a little crowded, so what! Afterall, everyone is there to support the two of you and a crowded spot may cause some additional merriment.

:: If you’ve hired a wedding planning firm, contact them. They are professionals who will know how to make everything work. They may choose to utilize plastic tarps to protect ceremony chairs, which can be removed right before the ceremony. They will know how to contact a tent vendor, if it is necessary. They are experts who are used to engaging a backup plan.

:: Make the most out of your rainy day wedding. Rain can add beauty and intensify the romance. Dance in the rain. Play “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”. Keep smiling. A little wet weather cannot dampen your love, and if you maintain your happiness, your guests will keep smiling too.

Did it rain on your wedding day? We would love to hear from you!

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