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:: Addressing Invitations 101 // How to Address Wedding Invitations ::

The great song writer/poet Bob Dylan sang in 1964, “The times, they are a changin”. These words are truer than ever today. When it comes to invitations to formal events, there are an array of partnerships that need to be addressed.

MRSter offers the following guidelines on addressing invitations:

:: Married couple with the same last name :: 

                        Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders.


                        Mr. John and Ms. Mary Sanders.

Note :: that the term “Mrs” is used to refer to a person’s wife, so technically using “Mrs. Mary Sanders” is actually incorrect, as it literally means the “wife of Mary” when you really mean “the wife of John”.

:: Married couple with different last names ::

                    Mr. Frank Jersey

                    and Ms. Laura Jackson

:: Married couple – both males using different surnames :: Simply list them in alphabetical order:

                     Mr. Richard Campbell

                     and Mr. Frank Sanger

:: Married couple – both males using the same surname ::

                    Mr. David Henderson

                    and Mr.James Henderson

:: Married couple – both females using different surnames ::

                   Ms. Diedra Jones

                   and Ms. Francine Tuckman

:: Married couple – both females using the same surname ::

                  Ms. Betty Frankfurt

                  and Ms. Alesha Frankfurt

:: People who are living together but unmarried ::

   Just use their actual names and title:                             

                   Ms. Samantha Gilbert                

                  and Mr. George Gomez


                   Mr.Seymour Smith

                   and Mr. Henry Bookman

:: Addressing a single individual :: Write their title and first and last name:

                   Mr. Ray Passmore

:: Addressing a family :: Just use : ‘The’ followed by their last name:

                  The Bridgefields

          If the family has two last names, use them both with a hyphen:

                  The Bridgefield-Jacksons  

:: Addressing a single, divorced or widowed person with an invited child ::

                   Mr. Steven Bloomfield

                   And Master Kent Bloomfield


                   Ms. Barbara Delfino

                   And Miss Isabel Delfino

Note :: If you are having an adult only event; etiquette dictates you should not say “adults only” on your invitation. Instead tactfully state on the RSVP, “We have reserved 2 seats (or a seat) in your honor”. Or print the name(s) of the invited guests with a “will” or “will not” check mark by the name. Hopefully this will be enough for guests to recognize that children are not invited.

:: Addressing people with professional titles :: As a rule, the person with the title is usually the first to be addressed.

                     Dr. and Mrs Jose Sanchez


                     Dr. Jules Kingman

                     and Ms. Mary West


                     Professor Susan Kingston

                     and Ms. Kingston


                     Councilwoman Frances O’Malley

                     And Mr. O’Mally


                     Captain James Goldstein

                     And Mr. William Zeplin

An exception to this rule is when you are closer to the non-titled person, but are inviting the titled person as a courtesy. In that situation, it is okay to list the person your are closer to first. The same is true for the “alphabetical order” rule.

That about covers most situations. If you have a different situation, send us a note in the comments below, and we’ll help you figure it out!!

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