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How many people will come to my wedding? It’s a question couples often ask themselves when planning their wedding, and rightfully so! Every person attending dictates the bottom line in overall spending and couples want to know how much money they are looking at spending.

Even though many couples manage some sort of wedding budget, it’s frustrating to sit and wait for RSVP’s to come in just 2 weeks and sometimes days before the wedding takes place. You might find yourselves saying, “If we can save $450 here, I can add another hour to my photography package”, or “Any money that we can save we can upgrade to a premium bar” or “If we have just a few more no’s on our guest list I can get those wedding ceremony programs I found and fell in love with on Pinterest!”

How many guests will RSVP yes to a weddingI get it. I really do! AND, it can be aggrevating when guests are slow to respond or miss the RSVP date entirely. What do you have to do when that happens?…track them down and ask if they’re attending. Who does that and how uncomfortable is that conversation!?

So for planning purposes we thought we would give you some guidelines that we have learned by working in the wedding industry for so long. It’s called the “75/25 rule”. Typically 75% of your guests will say “Yes!” and 25% will say “Nah/No/Busy that Day/Maybe next time/etc.” Now, of course every wedding varies. The more out-of-town guests you have, the higher the decline rate. Overall though, 75/25 is a pretty good guesstimate.

THEN, on your wedding day you could see up to a 10% rate of no-shows. These are also known as the guests who
a) Become ill
b) Have babysitting plans fall through
c) Fight on the way there
d) Decided their time was more important spent watching reruns of Friends (why did you invite them again?)
e) Flat tire (yeah, right)
f) Other

Stuff happens and you’ll get a few that won’t make it at the last minute. It always happens.

Now, an example.

200 invited
150 will RSVP “Yes!”
135 will attend the wedding

Again, this is not always the case, but I bet you we won’t be far off!

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