Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: Get Celebrity Style for Less for Your Big Day

:: Get Celebrity Style for Less for Your Big Day ::

Talking to Michael Schmidt of award winning {and MRSter Approved} Parker and Schmidt Clothiers was a real learning experience. Michael has been in this family business for 12 years and really knows his stuff. Gleaning from his father, Michael started the business by going door to door and is now doing 40-50 weddings per month! Michael is a bi-lingual entrepreneur with an MBA and a great sense of style. You can purchase {MRSter ApprovedParker and Schmidt Clothiers stunningly great looking products at very reasonable rates, which is an exceedingly better option than renting a tux or suit.

Parker and Schmidt

Here are the results of our interview…

MRSter :: What tips can you offer to achieve celebrity chic?

Michael :: One button suits and tuxes with a shawl lapel (rounded edge in a continuous curve) are very much in vogue for formal occasions. Jacket and pants don’t need to match, but if you’re wearing a vest, it should match the pants. For a modern look, consider a jacket with elbow pads. Yup, that’s right… They are coming back! Open collars are an option for a less formal look. Michael can help you customize your look so you can look trendy, yet comfortably you.

MRSter :: What styles should you avoid?

Michael :: Peak lapels (lapel edges point up and toward the shoulder) are trying to make a comeback, but it’s not going to happen. Striped pants are definitely dated, as are pleated shirts and cummerbunds. Polyester blends are not the best fabric choice, and linen wrinkles like crazy.

MRSter :: What are some practical designs for long days of looking your best?

Michael :: Super 140s through 180s lightweight wool (refers to fineness) is the way to go. This fabric is quite comfortable, keeps you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, and is resistant to soiling and wrinkling. We now carry non-iron cotton shirts in 23 colors with cuts from slim to traditional. Some have french cuffs. We get these overseas from a vendor that infuses the cotton with fabric softener during the manufacturing process. Also, proper tailoring is important for comfort as well as looks. You can have the finest suit or tux in the world and still look frumpy if is ill-fitted.

MRSter :: Speaking of tailoring, there are quite a few women who opt for wearing a tux or a suit. Are their special techniques to tailoring a suit to fit a woman’s body?

Michael :: Absolutely. We offer modern and hip styling and proper tailoring is of the utmost importance. Suit/tux alterations are a major aspect of our business, but a simple operation. For women, alterations are generally focused around the hips and front of the pants as well as the waist. We often remove the belt line, raise it and reattach it. The biggest issue in tailoring for women are shirts due to the smaller size of a woman’s neck. What we generally do is utilize two shirt sizes, removing the collar of each, swapping them, and re attaching the collar to the smaller neck measurement. This allows for a perfect fit. By the way, suspenders and bow ties are definitely in and make for a fun experience. Also the trend is wearing Vans or Converse shoes – very popular!

Well, there you have it readers. Thank you, Michael! We appreciate your expert input (plus it was fun and interesting to chat with you!). Don’t forget to check out Michael’s FABuLISTing here.