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:: Alternatives To Wedding Cake ::

Written by wifey to Erika and Advisory Board member :: Shannon

Wedding Cake Alternatives Same Sex Gay Wedding

Our wedding cake was so delicious we almost ran out! I do wish we had been a little more creative like one of my favorite chef’s who recently got hitched and instead of a traditional wedding cake, she opted for a dessert buffet with layer cakes, pies and other sweet treats.

Wedding Cake Alternatives Same Sex Gay Wedding

Another unique idea for those who live free of a sweet tooth – Tiers of fancy cheese that mimic a wedding cake adorned with fruits, nuts, dried fruits, edible flowers and herbs to enhance each cheese.

Lastly, if you want to stay cheesey but still offer something sweet, my favorite option is a Cheese cake tier.

Try topping it with fresh fruit, chocolates or nuts. The flavors are limitless.

What unique wedding cakes have you experienced?