San Diego, CALIFORNIA :: Beautiful In Blush // Daniel & Milton // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Beautiful In Blush ::

Submitted by :: Sabrina of La Dolce Idea {MRSter Approved – La Dolce Idea}

From Daniel (Groom) ::

Love starts with a kiss…. And so the story begins…  April 19, 2014 was the most magical day of our lives.

I would assume most of us have always dreamed of the perfect wedding, the perfect soul mate, and a love that will last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, being a gay man, we could only dream of a fairytale wedding.  At the time, society, religion, and political government forbid marriage between same sex. You can only imagine, the overwhelming joy in our hearts, the day we stood before God, our family and friends, as we exchanged our wedding vows. The love of a beautiful wedding, along with honoring and respecting the traditional meaning of a marriage, is one of life’s greatest gifts.

The love and dedication we have for each other certainly made our wedding special, however, it was the details, the planning, the commitment from others, and the support of many vendors that made our wedding a success. For those who think help isn’t needed to plan a magical wedding, think again. As much as my husband and I, take credit for our beautiful wedding, the reality is… Our wedding planner Sabrina of La Dolce Idea made our dream a magical day. She has a special relationship with the very best vendors in the industry, From wedding cakes,  to white leather diamond custom made  chairs. And let’s not forget, her ability to calmly maintain her professional grace and style, under pressure when she is dealing with a perfectionist with a temper. Sabrina delivered a perfect magical wedding… I wish I could relive our wedding day, everyday.

From Sabrina (planner):

It was truly a wonderful day filled with love and happiness, and I was honored to be part of Daniel and Milton’s wedding. The ceremony took place at the spectacular Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. The two grooms were impeccably dressed with white jacket, black trousers and pink accents (pink was selected in honor of Daniel’s mother who died of breast cancer some years ago, and Daniel had a little silver heart tied to his boutonniere, as pictured). Bridesmaids wore pink dresses and groomsmen wore light grey suits with pink accents. Daniel and Milton’s two dogs (fully dressed!) were also part of the celebration.

For the reception at the US Grant Hotel, the Celestial Ballroom was set with round tabletops embellished with silver crushed taffeta linens, pink satin napkins, and tall glass centerpieces with cascading flowers and crystal gems. Daniel and Milton had fun making some DIY projects such as the table number holders: plain silver sign holders were decorated with a white feather and a pink ribbon bow. They looked great on the tables! Menu cards were personalized with guest names, and favors were placed next to them: they were a box of chocolates and custom imprinted lip balm sticks (what Daniel and Milton exchanged when they first met).

The couple’s impressive square table was custom made with a white fabric pattern and two rhinestone and leather chairs finished the look on stage where their names were projected onto a white chiffon backdrop. Guests were treated to a delicious dinner, and La Dolce Idea also provided a dessert table matching the color palette. Milton’s sister painted a beautiful blossom tree as a wedding gift and we used it as the table backdrop to enhance the display with macarons, cake shots, chocolate pretzels and truffles. The cake was a fabulous 6-tiered creation with buttercream petals and crystal accents, Daniel and Milton were very involved with the design and the results were incredible.

A mariachi band accompanied Milton and his mother, then Daniel joined them during family dances. The dance floor was packed all night thanks to our incredible DJ!


Blush. Wedding Day Dogs. Delicious Desserts.


Photography :: Aaron Willcox Photography
Planning, Coordination & Dessert Table :: MRSter Approved // La Dolce Idea
Ceremony Venue :: Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park
Reception Venue :: US Grant Hotel
Catering & Chocolate Truffles :: US Grant Hotel
Stationery :: Dolldine Designs
Linens :: Sweet Ribbon Events
Floral :: Wholesale Flowers
Grooms’ Custom Table :: Hire Elegance 
Officiant :: A Ceremony Of Elegance – Rev. Deborah Young
Ceremony Music :: Eliana Strings
Cocktail Hour Music :: Sam Hosking
DJ & Lighting :: Beck’s Entertainment
Mariachi Band :: Mariachi Del Mar
Cake :: CAKE
Cake Pops & Cake Shots :: Grove Pastry Shop
Macarons :: La Reine Des Macarons
Chocolate Pretzels :: Anjolie’s Sweet Treats
Transportation :: Epic Limo


San Diego, California



Umbria, ITALY :: Craig & Dario :: Italian Romance // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Italian Romance ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Amaneraphoto

After a small family ceremony in London, Craig and Dario chose Borgo San Biagio in Umbria as the location for their wedding in Italy.  This venue was the perfect match for the relaxed and fun villa-style wedding with the blessing, aperitivo, dinner and dancing all happening in different parts of the grounds of this beautiful setting in the Umbrian hills.  The vibrant colours of the Italian spring filled each scene and every photo.

Food and music were hugely important to the grooms.  The location served as an inspiration also to the chef from Cortona who added his own creative twists to the traditional Tuscan cuisine, which the guests enjoyed throughout the day. Craig and Dario coordinated a huge musical programme to accompany every moment of the day – from the string trio to the jazz quartet and the operatic intermezzos performed during dinner by both opera singers and even the guests.

The day was filled with sunshine, laughter, friendship, family and love.  The photographers, Paolo and Giacomo from Amaneraphoto, captured all of this beautifully. They created an incredibly honest reportage of the wedding, with each picture giving Craig and Dario a truly vivid portrait of such an unforgettable day.


Umbrian Hills. Vibrant Colors. Love and Laughter.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Amaneraphoto


San Leo Bastia, Umbria, Italy.


Chandler, ARIZONA :: Scott & Daryl :: Love & Laughter // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Love & Laughter ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Derek Chad Photography

First of all, Daryl and Scott are a blast and I now consider them two of my newest friends. I live in San Diego and they live in Phoenix so we weren’t able to meet in person until the wedding day, but I knew from our conversations over the phone that I was going to be a good fit for them after hearing their story and plans for the big day. Congratulations you guys!!! I am so honored to have been your photographer on your big day!

Funny story… Daryl, Scott and I were just hanging out taking photos against a really building/wall. All of a sudden, a bird decides to poo right above Daryl and catches him on the sleeve of his shirt! You maybe had to be there to know how absolutely hilarious it was that along this GIANT wall, there was only one tiny bird that managed to pull it off. I was fortunate to capture the moment, check it out above! HAHA! It was pretty funny!

I had so much fun documenting this wedding and I hope you all enjoy the video/photos too! Thank you again for choosing Derek Chad Photography!


Perfect Match. Love & Laughter. Photo Booth Fun.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Derek Chad Photography
Venue :: MRSter Approved Soho63 // SoHo63
Catering :: Atlasta Catering and Events 
DJ :: Apollo Productions


Chandler, Arizona.


British Columbia, CANADA :: New Beginnings // Real LGBT Engagement

:: New Beginnings ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Sandy of Oren & Jones Photography

Both native to Venezuela but currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada, these two are passionate about new beginnings.  They share a thirst for travel and adventure, they are excited to continue travelling the world together.

It’s easy to speak the language of love when two souls share such a closeness.


New Beginnings. Adventure. Spring.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Oren & Jones Photography


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Milwaukee, WISCONSIN :: Ashley & Rachel :: Urban Adventure // Real Engagement

:: Urban Adventure ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Miranda of Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam

Rachel & Ashley met by chance on a bike ride in Connecticut, and have since had quite the adventure together: moving to Milwaukee, starting new jobs, buying a home and adopting their adorable rescue dog, Mika. Since their life is now based in Milwaukee, it was awesome incorporating some of the Third Ward’s historical architecture in their engagement photos. We love their sense of style and how our backdrops compliment their outfits perfectly! And what a sweet pair they are!


Adventure. Architecture. Adorable.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam


Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sedona, ARIZONA :: Vanessa & Desi :: Nature & Nostalgia // Real LGBT Engagement

:: Nature & Nostalgia ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Cristina of MRSter Approved – DePoy Studios

The couples wanted to recreate the first time they said I love you.

They left a party in their little black dresses and took a nice drive with just the two of them.


Nostalgia. LBD’s. Nature.

The Professionals

Photographer :: MRSter Approved – DePoyStudios


Sedona, Arizona.

Hotel Palomar LGBTQ Wedding Winners :: Gwen and Ronda :: Loving Gratitude // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Loving Gratitude ::

Same Day Edit provided by MRSter ApprovedSerendipity Cinematography

This one is pretty awesome and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of it. MRSter partnered with Hotel Palomar Phoenix to produce a luxury free wedding for a same sex couple… Gwen and Ronda were the lucky winners after they received the highest number of votes for the video of their love story! Over 18,000 total collected votes and they were to be the chosen couple! With the help of many awesome vendors we made this day happen for them!

With only 2 months to put this together wedding planner Patrice Klaum of MRSter Approved – Celebrations by Amy Bacon, spilled the beans and gave this awesome summary of the day with all the details…

When MRSter asked me to be the planner for the Wedding Giveaway with Hotel Palomar, I never expected the effect it would have on me but after meeting Gwen and Ronda for the first time (and getting to know each other for 3+ hours over drinks and laughs), I knew this wasn’t going to be just another wedding day.

I remember Gwen and Ronda speaking to how blessed they felt to have won and to get such a gift from not only the vendors who donated their services (list below) but by the people who cared enough to vote for them as well. A plethora of words can be used to describe Gwen and Ronda Bailey’s wedding but one phrase sums them all up perfectly: LOVING GRATITUDE. I can’t recall a single moment in the whole process when everyone involved wasn’t appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of such a special day, myself included.

Even though they were gifted each portion of the day, Gwen and Ronda were still treated like true clients (as they were) by all involved.

Gwen and Ronda lovingly refer to themselves as ‘celesbians’ from all of the attention they have received from the giveaway and they truly had a celesbian wedding for the record books. Hotel Palomar was a flurry of activity all weekend long as the team worked to bring Gwen and Ronda’s modern desert design come to life. As the brides and their wedding party were pampered in a suite with makeup, hair and video interviews, downstairs linens were being thrown and succulents were being placed throughout to tie all of the spaces together.

A picture from the brides’ home served as the color inspiration for the day with shades of Sedona red and forest green that softened Hotel Palomar’s modern edge with some organic flair.

The rooftop Lustre Lounge served as the perfect backdrop for their intimate wedding with 130 family and friends to give their blessing as Gwen and Ronda began their marriage together. Happy tears were shed during their self-written vows and laughs erupted as the group realized the Suns pre-game festivities nearby were blasting “White Wedding.” Coincidence? We think not!

Every so often a wedding will have crashers but when we started catching crashers who not only wanted to join the party but meet the brides they had “been following on Facebook for weeks,” then we knew it was a special night. The ladies even grabbed a picture with a Phoenix Mercury star as they did their romantic photos around downtown Phoenix. Celesbian couple Gwonda’s night was a star-studded affair without even trying.

Normally one of the ultimate rules to a wedding is ‘Don’t stop the party if everyone is dancing’ but I took the liberty of breaking this rule for Gwen and Ronda. Why? Because as I was scanning the room to see how everyone was doing, the TV above the bar caught my eye: the brides were on the 10 o’clock news! During dinner Gwen and Ronda were interviewed by Phoenix Channel 12 News about their experience with this wedding, including the reactions they received when campaigning to win. Gwen responded with, “We spoke with thousands of people nightly. In bars, on the streets, at restaurants, and at work. Not one single person said what we were doing was ‘wrong’ or that they didn’t want to be involved. No one cared about the same sex part or that we are two women getting married. They only cared about the love and about supporting our love.” Love is love, no matter who it is between and the Phoenix wedding market is embracing this with a force that can move mountains.


Loving Gratitude. Celesbians. Modern Desert Design. Love is Love.

The Professionals

Many thanks to the following (all FABuLIST) vendors who came together to support Gwen and Ronda ::

Host Venue & Event Sponsor :: MRSter ApprovedHotel Palomar Phoenix // Amazing Views, Fantastic Food and Stellar Service

Event Sponsor & Vendor Matching :: MRSter // Oh…that’s us! – A resource for planning the modern union for LGBTA and straight engaged couples.

Cinematography (Audition Tapes for all 5 couples + Same Day Edit Wedding Film) :: MRSter ApprovedSerendipity Cinematography

Photography (Wedding and Engagement Pictures) :: MRSter Approved – MRSter Approved – Mod Wed // High energy and wickedly talented Chadwick and his team of rad photographers.

Event Planner & Coordination :: MRSter ApprovedCelebrations by Amy Bacon // Total professionals and designing and executing beautiful events.

Photobooth :: MRSter ApprovedThe Traveling Photobooth // Awesome experience from start to print including the two behind the Phoenix franchise.

Officiant :: Family Friend

Floral (Ceremony, Personal Flowers & Cocktail Hour) :: MRSter ApprovedFiori Floral Design // Long time friend of MRSter and extremely talented visionary of floral artwork!

Floral (Reception) :: MRSter ApprovedButterfly Petals // A “Yes” team that always delivers beauty beyond your wildest.

Linens :: MRSter ApprovedSimply Elegant Event & Wedding Design // Designers that have it all and can pull the wedding of your dreams together.

Cake :: MRSter Approved – Piece of Cake Desserts // As sweet as it takes is as they are!

Paper Products :: MRSter Approved – Posh Invitations // Pretty in print and in person with a heart of gold.

DJ :: MRSter Approved – SKM Entertainment // If you want to dance then they are your choice! Non-stop!!!

Apparel (Gwen’s Dress) :: MRSter Approved – Luv Bridal // Downtown girl with an any girl budget with top-notch experience.

Apparel (Ronda’s Suit) :: MRSter Approved – Suzanne’s Bridal Boutique // Sweetness and deep caring for all their customers.

Hair Styling :: MRSter Approved – The Olive Salon // The beauty beyond words…an artist!

Makeup :: MRSter Approved – Krystal Pro Makeup Artist // She could be painting the Mona Lisa she’s that good!

Event Furnishing (Ceremony Privacy Hedges) :: MRSter Approved – CORT Furniture Rental // Jumped at the opportunity to help!


Phoenix, Arizona.


Saratoga, CALIFORNIA :: Classic. Feminine. Glamorous. Luxurious // Styled Shoot

:: Classic. Feminine. Glamorous. Luxurious. ::

Submitted by :: Chanda Daniels of MRSter ApprovedA Monique Affair

Villa Montalvo is an Italian Mediterranean style mansion nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, in Saratoga, California. The mansion has beautiful manicured landscaping, and it makes you feel as if you are in a romantic fairytale.  It’s why we chose it to stage a gorgeous, classic, feminine, glamorous and luxurious inspired shoot. My creative partners and I created the scene for a glamorous lesbian wedding, but staging to unique vignettes, a sweetheart table and cake display. We achieved this effect using a romantic combination of pinks, yellows, greens and gold. Of course it helps to be beautifully captured, and Christine Glebov of Christine Glebov Photography does exactly that.

To incorporate the glam we paired elements of ivory and pearl linens by Napa Valley Linens with ordinate menus and place cards by Lepenn Designs who also created the invitation suite. The lovely details of the brides’ wedding gowns from the fabulous Kinsley James Couture Bridal also added the glam and romance to this shoot. The hair and make-up team of Stella Stevens Hair Designs and Kristen Calderaro completed the “glamour” look for our couple

Our sweetheart table was arranged using the perfect vintage china by Le Vintage Milk Glass Rentals and paired with a few key items from A Monique Affair’s rental division, Chloe’s Closet. McCallum Designs beautiful lush romantic centerpiece incorporated the luxurious theme of the shoot.  A highlight of the shoot stars the gorgeous three tiered gold dusted, floral cascading cake by Marla Erojo of Cakes Made by M.E.

Our favorite part of the day was finding out during the shoot that our models (a real couple) got married at San Francisco City Hall in jeans! So this shoot took on a whole new meaning and a few tears from all. We hope you’ll take a minute to enjoy our styled shoot. I have to say this was the most creative shoot we have accomplished at A Monique Affair that truly takes on our signature style. On behalf of my creative partners, we would like to share this shoot as inspiration for all Same Sex couples!


Classic. Feminine. Glamorous. Luxurious. Styled Shoot. Gay Wedding.

The Professionals

Event Coordinator & Design :: MRSter Approved –  A Monique Affair
Vintage Nightstand & Cake Plate Rental :: Chloe’s Closet (A Monique Affair)
Photographer :: Christine Glebov Photography
Venue :: Montalvo Arts Center
Florist :: McCallum Designs
Cake :: Cakes Made By Me
Bridal Gowns :: Kinsley James Couture Bridal
Invitation Suite & Day of Stationery :: Lepenn Designs
Vintage Tableware :: Le Vintage Milk Glass Rentals
Hairstylist :: Stella Stevens Hair Designs
Makeup Artist :: Kristen Calderaro
Linens :: Napa Valley Linens
Chiavari Chair Rentals :: Miranda St John Party Rentals


Santa Cruz Mountains, Saratoga, California


Jesse & Nick :: Belated Wedding Photos :: Las Vegas, Nevada // Real Couple Portraits

:: Belated Wedding Photos ::

Submitted by :: Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari Photography

Jesse + Nick were married this past June in Orange County, California. They didn’t have a professional wedding photographer at their courthouse wedding so I flew out to Las Vegas, where they live, to take some belated wedding photos for the couple. We started at Apex Sand Dunes first, for the sunrise portion of the day. Later on in the evening, we reconvened at Fremont Street, which is a part of downtown Las Vegas, for some evening shots with the stunning back drop of colorful casinos and architecture as the backdrop. Jesse proposed to Nick at Disneyland, where he of course said yes. The two live in Las Vegas with their dog Bailey


Sunrise, Sand Dunes, Downtown Las Vegas

The Professionals

Submitted and Photographed by :: Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari Photography


Apex Sand Dunes and Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada