:: How Two Gay Men Announce They Are Having a Baby ::

:: How Two Gay Men Announce They Are Having a Baby :: 

MRSter Approved wedding planners Life Design Event Planning {MRSter Approved} had the opportunity to help pull the details together for Matt and Rich’s wedding at the Desert Botanical Gardens {MRSter Approved} in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a day that was like most weddings…full of love LOTS of love and the wedding planners had tears streaming down their faces at the end because how amazing these families were/are.

Feel free to watch their wedding video (produced by Victor Vongspoth) so you can get a little taste of how sweet it was. If you don’t end up watching the charming wedding film take a look at a few of these pictures taken by Bumble and Bloom.

Gay Wedding Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden Matt and Rich with Wedding Party and BridesmaidsGay Wedding Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden Matt and Rich Gay Wedding Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden Matt and RichGay Wedding Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden Matt and Rich First Dance

So when we Matt reached out to us to let us know that they had an announcement the first thing we asked (after screaming at the top of our lungs) was can we share it with other couples unsure of how to announce that they are having a baby on MRSter because we thought it was done so well and with so much personality.

Matt and Rich Gay Pregnancy Announcement MRSterI mean….seriously…how cute is that?!

Then Matt also shared on he and Rich’s blog about the news was announced at a dance studio to a bunch of tween girls. You have to check out the girl in the yellow top…she needed to process things a bit. (Matt is a professional dancer)

We encourage you to follow their blog and their journey to parenthood here.

Are you a involved in a relationship where you might have some challenges conceiving and/having a baby? We have heard lots of stories from you all about the struggles of parenthood and taking the steps to be a parent. Whether it is adoption, foster care, carrying or surrogacy we all have a story to tell and we are listening. Share with us how you have announced to the world that you are expecting / adopting / becoming parents!

Bill & Darryl :: Our Perfect Day :: Tucson, Arizona // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Our Perfect Day ::

Submitted by :: Groom, Darryl Howard

Our wedding weekend was amazing! We hosted 100 guests at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in late September 2014. The weekend was a beautiful gathering of family and friends. The wedding was held on Saturday, 9/20. The ceremony and reception were outdoors at the base of the mountains, as dusk, as the sun started to tuck just behind the mountains and the sky glowed a magical rainbow of reds, golds, yellows, oranges and ambers. There were pretty memorable toasts from our wedding parties and heartwarming first dances with our mothers. Bill and I worked on our wedding details for one year. Everything was executed perfectly and not one beat was missed, thanks to the help of the staff at The Ritz. We had a vintage Polaroid camera table and guestbook for our guest to leave photo messages for us. After a 5 course meal, the night moved into dancing under the Kiva and then into the Members Grill with an afterglow buffet of chicken wings, french fries, quesadilla and homemade cookies (made by Darryl’s mother). We danced the night away and loved every second of our special day.

Thanks to The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain for welcoming us and making our guest feel at home. Our day was perfect! There was not one missed step in the execution of the wedding and events surrounding the weekend.  We were showered with love and support from all corners of the country. Our guests traveled from near and far to celebrate with us.

You can also watch their beautiful wedding video by CSM Wedding Films here.


Dusk, Mountains, Dancing The Night Away

The Professionals

Venue :: The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain
Videography :: CSM Wedding Videos
Photography :: Hammond Preuss Photography
Event Production and Floral :: LaFleur Plantscapes


Dove Mountain, Tucson, Arizona



Wedding Vendors // Check out what is totally mind-blowing!

There aren’t many times we like to promote products but this is one of those times where our eyes popped out and screamed “We have to tell the world!”


During any sort of set up that involves AV (audio and visual) and those pesky cords we see those poor souls on their hands and needs taping the tripping hazards down with that sticky duck tape. This contraption is so worth it and I don’t even know the price.

Check it out.

Join the Revolution from GaffGun on Vimeo.

So we just looked up the price and it’s marked down to $199.

Vendors, would you purchase this?

MRSter Speaks to Arizona

MRSter Speaks to Arizona

We’d like to speak to the state of Arizona for a moment because there is where our MRSter headquarters lie. We are on the brink of change and we urge the Arizona wedding industry to learn and embrace our LGBT engaged couples and provide them with an equally awesome experience when planning their wedding.

Because coming out to vendors over and over again really sucks.


A Unique Twist on the Traditional Wedding Speech

I can only imagine how nerve wracking it must be to write a wedding speech. How do you incorporate humor, sentiment, and relevance, while also holding the attention of the attendees?

Why not get creative and do something totally different to the norm? Tom Fletcher set a great example of this…

If you aren’t familiar with Tom Fletcher, he is the lead singer of McFly; a popular band from the UK. He put his own spin on the traditional thank you message, by incorporating two of the bands most popular songs and creating his speech in the tune to them.

His wedding speech was SO unique and SO awesome that it has had over 12 million views (and counting) on YouTube!

Give it a watch and see what you think, but I warn you, grab some tissues before you do!

Did you love it?! How was that for inspiration?

I think expectations of how a wedding speech should be done were raised through the roof after this video went viral! And rightly so, what an epic twist to a wedding speech. I love that he dedicated a line or two of the song to the most vital members of the wedding party. What a memorable wedding speech for all involved.

I know we don’t all sound like Beyonce (try as we might), but I think a song or a poem creates a quirky alternative to the traditional wedding speech.

Kudos Tom Fletcher, you nailed it.

33 Couples Wed at the Grammys 2014 :: Ryan Lewis, Macklemore, Madonna and Queen Latifah

I don’t have cable because we do the whole Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu Plus thing. Most of the time I don’t miss it except for last night when I knew magic was about to occur at the Grammys. Not only were Beyonce and Jay Z performing but I knew something with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore was going to be awesome and they were going to give us “Same Love” I had no idea it would go something like this.

Same Love performed at 2014 Grammys

Yep, tears streaming.

What I noticed immediately is something that MRSter has been founded on.  That is, it’s not about gay or straight couples it’s about all couples. Did you notice that the 33? It was fantastic and it really confirmed that MRSter is focusing on the right thing. Equality. We are Phoenix and Minneapolis event planners that serve gay and straight couples. Not just one or the other. Feels pretty awesome.

What did you think of the performance?

With all that Life has to offer,

Cicely Rocha.Miller // Event Producer + Modern Union Expert // Life Design Event Planning // Phoenix + Minneapolis

Jodi + Kim :: Their Love Story on Video



The amazing team at Jakfoto captured Jodi and Kim’s Venice Beach same sex engagement video and we have it in all its glory here!

We are all about  wedding cinematography, especially because it captures something in a way nothing else can.  Love stories are becoming more and more common. In fact we will be filming one the morning of our wedding while we are sitting on the beach, just the two of us.  This is something you will always look back on and remember how you fell in love, the way you felt about your partner at that very moment, and let’s not deny the fact that you will love seeing each other when you were “younger.”

Here is What Kiera had to say about J & K::

Jodi and Kim complete each other. I have never seen two people more excited to talk about how amazing the other one is, or to start a new life together. Here is the story of how they fell in love & how Kim proposed with a surprise overnight travel adventure. -Kiera


Below is the video of their Venice Beach same sex engagement love story that was beautifully captured. Enjoy!