Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA :: Justin & Bridgit :: Roadtrip Romance // Real Engagement

:: Roadtrip Romance ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Due West Photography

I’d known Bridgit for a long time, and was absolutely thrilled when she and Justin asked me to do their engagement and wedding photos. They had the fantastic idea of going on a little roadtrip for the shoot! Coffee and a few good playlists later and we wound up at a gorgeous mountain near Badin, where we climbed over many a log and frolicked through many a grassy field. The second stop was my back yard! My parents live in the countryside near some beautiful pine forests, and Bridgit and Justin loved the idea. By this time the sun was setting, and the light coming through the pines was a perfect setting.

It was such a fun day. They both have infectiously happy personalities and were an honor to capture in their joy. I’m unfathomably excited for their upcoming wedding, and the opportunity of documenting it.


Roadtrip. Mountains. Pine Forests.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Due West Photography


Charlotte, North Carolina.

Comfort In Your Arms :: Charlotte, North Carolina // Real Engagement

:: Comfort In Your Arms ::

Submitted by :: Tiffani Evans of Tiffani Evans Photo

I love this photo because it is so raw and so real. This couple had gone through quite a bit in their respective lives prior to meeting each other. I asked my client to show me how she loves to show love for her fiancé and she said, ‘Like this, where I’m the most safe and most comfortable.’ We had a quiet moment and I snapped away. The lighting was perfect and I could feel their peace with each other. It was awesome and that’s what makes wedding and engagement photography so amazing – I could be there, front row witnessing and documenting true, raw love. These two are soul mates and I’m so happy to have been able to capture their love for each other.



The Professionals

Submitted and Photographed by: Tiffani Evans of Tiffani Evans Photo


Jetton Park, Charlotte, North Carolina