Minneapolis, MINNESOTA :: Erin & Liberty :: Rock Solid // Real LGBTQ Wedding

:: Rock Solid ::

Submitted by :: {MRSter Approved} Life Design Events
Photographed by :: Bethany Meister

What can I say about these two? I can’t begin to explain to you the enormous amount of love between them.

The celebration, the joy and the excitement of them finally joining their love legally in front of an incredibly supportive group of people that adored them deeply was contagious. I immediately felt like a part of their group and soon became one of the many ‘sisters’ within the extended family of friends.

After 10 years dedicated to each other and alongside their daughter Ivy, Erin and Liberty tied the knot and grasped tightly to the right of marriage. As outspoken Minnesota LBGTQ activists and grand supporters of MRSter, they really understood and desired to invest in their wedding day. The trust they gave us as their wedding planners and event designers opened the door for so many amazing touches to their special day. With details of floral, gifts, food, booze, the right DJ, humor and love, they created an evening like no other.

The love between Liberty and Erin is a love you can only aspire to attain after gallons of jet fuel, after hours of hard work, after many measures of music, and after years of gazing deeply into each others eyes. This wedding was not just a celebration of their decade to each other, but a huge embrace of their love and their family.

Thank you, Liberty and Erin. You both are such giving, deep, loving and genuine spirits and your wedding day was that as well.

PSSTT :: If you missed their ‘Rainy Day Romance’ engagement session, click here to take a peek!


Decade of Love. LGBTQ Activists. Beautiful Love.


Photography :: Bethany Meister
Event Planning & Event Design :: {MRSter ApprovedLife Design Events 
Venue :: Columbia Manor
Hotel :: The Grand Hotel
Ceremony Trio :: Witherspoon String Trio
Catering :: Chow Girls Killer Catering
DJ :: Michael Gray
Florist :: Ashley Fox Designs
Officiant :: Marie Alexander
Rentals :: Apres Party
Photo Booth :: The Photo Booth Group
Transportation :: Eclipse Cars
Vocalist :: Noelle


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.



Minneapolis, MINNESOTA :: Erin & Liberty :: Rainy Day Romance // Real LGBT Engagement

:: Rainy Day Romance ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Bethany Meister

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph Liberty and Erin at their home they share with their beautiful daughter and cute pup just outside Minneapolis. The day called for rain, but we didn’t let that stop us from getting outside.

I am obsessed with the love that these two share. You can feel it.

I had so much fun hanging out with these awesome ladies. As you can see, we had a good time.


Rainy Days. Sweet Daughter. Crazy in Love.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Bethany Meister


Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis, MINNESOTA :: Scott & Kelly :: A Traditional Wedding // Real Wedding

:: A Traditional Wedding ::

Submitted by :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses

Scott and Kelly had their wedding on November 15th, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Church (oldest church in MPLS still in use). Following their traditional wedding that was surrounded by family and close friends, they ended their day at the Town and Country Club that overlooks the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN.

It was a wintry, black tie wedding at this historic venue in Minneapolis/St. Paul featuring ivory and evergreen florals, gold, personalized bridesmaids necklaces. Light snow fell throughout the day, in-between a stop for hot toddies at the location of the Bride and Groom’s engagement of family portraits under an original-vintage chandelier at the doorway of the church. A fire warmed the atmosphere at the country club reception and a sparkler topped their all-white 4-tier cake, made by MPLS great “Buttercream Cakes and Desserts”.


Traditional. Black Tie. Historic. Snow.

The Professionals

Venue :: Town and Country Club, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Submitted and Photographed by :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses
Cake :: Buttercream Cakes & Desserts


Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota


MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA :: Sweet Summer Barn Wedding // Real Wedding

:: Sweet Summer Barn Wedding ::

Submitted by :: Jackson Faith of Rivets & Roses

This was a simple, and sweet Minnesota summer barn wedding. Horses roamed the land, and family and friends came together to witness their marriage. Afterwards they celebrated at the barn, gorged on cupcakes, and danced the night away.


Barn. Rustic. Sweet.

The Professionals

Submitted and Photographed by: Jackson Faith of Rivets & Roses


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Jon & Senate :: Industrial Elegance :: Downtown Minneapolis // Real Wedding

:: Industrial Elegance ::

Submitted by :: Ryan Stadler of Rivets & Roses

Jon and Senate had their wedding at the Mill City Museum in Downtown, Minneapolis. The environment was industrial, and had hints of elegance in the ceremony and reception. Their reception was filled with powerful speeches, and an energetic crowd that was ready to dance the night away in celebration of the newlywed couple. The city lights lit the night sky and set the mood for the remainder of the evening.


Industrial, Elegant, Energetic, City

The Professionals

Venue: Mill City Museum
Submitted and Photographed by: Ryan Stadler of Rivets & Roses


Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota



Sadie & Nora :: A Quaint Occasion // Real LGBT Wedding

:: A Quaint Occasion ::

Submitted by :: Melissa Hesse of Rivets and Roses

This fall wedding was small, and quaint. It was hosted on a farm with run down barns, and corn fields that you could see for miles.  The ceremony was intimate, and filled with laughter. Rustic breads, and meats filled the reception table while champagne filled the guest glasses at sunset. It was a short wedding day, and the couple was surrounded by their best friends, and family.


Quaint, Intimate, Farm

The Professionals

Photography :: Rivets and Roses


Minneapolis, Minnesota