Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: Get Celebrity Style for Less for Your Big Day

:: Get Celebrity Style for Less for Your Big Day ::

Talking to Michael Schmidt of award winning {and MRSter Approved} Parker and Schmidt Clothiers was a real learning experience. Michael has been in this family business for 12 years and really knows his stuff. Gleaning from his father, Michael started the business by going door to door and is now doing 40-50 weddings per month! Michael is a bi-lingual entrepreneur with an MBA and a great sense of style. You can purchase {MRSter ApprovedParker and Schmidt Clothiers stunningly great looking products at very reasonable rates, which is an exceedingly better option than renting a tux or suit.

Parker and Schmidt

Here are the results of our interview…

MRSter :: What tips can you offer to achieve celebrity chic?

Michael :: One button suits and tuxes with a shawl lapel (rounded edge in a continuous curve) are very much in vogue for formal occasions. Jacket and pants don’t need to match, but if you’re wearing a vest, it should match the pants. For a modern look, consider a jacket with elbow pads. Yup, that’s right… They are coming back! Open collars are an option for a less formal look. Michael can help you customize your look so you can look trendy, yet comfortably you.

MRSter :: What styles should you avoid?

Michael :: Peak lapels (lapel edges point up and toward the shoulder) are trying to make a comeback, but it’s not going to happen. Striped pants are definitely dated, as are pleated shirts and cummerbunds. Polyester blends are not the best fabric choice, and linen wrinkles like crazy.

MRSter :: What are some practical designs for long days of looking your best?

Michael :: Super 140s through 180s lightweight wool (refers to fineness) is the way to go. This fabric is quite comfortable, keeps you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, and is resistant to soiling and wrinkling. We now carry non-iron cotton shirts in 23 colors with cuts from slim to traditional. Some have french cuffs. We get these overseas from a vendor that infuses the cotton with fabric softener during the manufacturing process. Also, proper tailoring is important for comfort as well as looks. You can have the finest suit or tux in the world and still look frumpy if is ill-fitted.

MRSter :: Speaking of tailoring, there are quite a few women who opt for wearing a tux or a suit. Are their special techniques to tailoring a suit to fit a woman’s body?

Michael :: Absolutely. We offer modern and hip styling and proper tailoring is of the utmost importance. Suit/tux alterations are a major aspect of our business, but a simple operation. For women, alterations are generally focused around the hips and front of the pants as well as the waist. We often remove the belt line, raise it and reattach it. The biggest issue in tailoring for women are shirts due to the smaller size of a woman’s neck. What we generally do is utilize two shirt sizes, removing the collar of each, swapping them, and re attaching the collar to the smaller neck measurement. This allows for a perfect fit. By the way, suspenders and bow ties are definitely in and make for a fun experience. Also the trend is wearing Vans or Converse shoes – very popular!

Well, there you have it readers. Thank you, Michael! We appreciate your expert input (plus it was fun and interesting to chat with you!). Don’t forget to check out Michael’s FABuLISTing here.

Top Five Friday :: Top 5 Ways To Deal With A Windy Wedding

:: Top 5 Ways To Deal With A Windy Wedding ::

Mother Nature as we all know, can be fickle. No matter how many times you consult an almanac or the weather forecast for your wedding day, Mother Nature can sometimes sneak up on you and completely change her mind about what kind of day she has in store for us. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, there are a few things you need to consider…

1 :: Create a Plan for Inclement Weather :: We consulted with expert event planner Jillian Smith of {MRSter Approved} One Touch Events who advises, “When planning any outdoor portion of your event, consider your weather factors and create an inclement weather plan. This can be wind, rain, sleet, lighting, etc. If your venue has an indoor option, this is an easier solution. Watch your weather map at least 48 hours prior to the event to gauge what Mother Nature has in store for you. For windy days specifically, items that can topple over easily such as aisle treatments, pedestals, vases, etc. should be weighted down. Work with your Wedding Planner and Designer to develop creative ways to “sand bag” or strongly tie items that could easily blow away.”

Photography Via :: {MRSter Approved} OneTouch Events

Photography Via :: {MRSter Approved} OneTouch Events // Jillian Smith

2 :: Windy Day Attire :: If you plan on being married on a beautiful beach, you can almost count on some wind, or if you are reasonably sure the day will be windy, give some consideration to “wind proof” attire. Jillian states, “Wedding attire for a beach wedding should be light and airy. If you are most certain that you will have a moderate to severe windy ceremony, brides should consider a birdcage veil or hair piece as longer veils will be sure to blow unflatteringly all over the place. Same would go for dresses that could cause a Marilyn Monroe affect. Not cute! When it comes to hair, consider more structured hairstyles that are pinned so that your long tresses aren’t turned into a very bad hair day for photos, during and after the ceremony.”

3 :: Tent It :: Consider renting a canopy or tent in order to provide protection from the wind. Tents are available with sidewalls that can function as a wind barrier. This may eliminate many windy day problems and lessen the stress of your wedding day.

4 :: Music, Video and PA Systems :: Wind has absolutely no respect for sound systems. Wind screens are available, however, and can be quite useful in cutting back wind noise. Discuss the potential sound issue with your videographer and sound system person. They should also be able to assist with little tricks like placing speakers upwind.

5 :: Emergency Kit :: Every wedding should have an emergency kit, but if you are expecting wind, include such items as zip ties, glue, velcro, clamps and string.

Did you experience a windy wedding day and have some tips of your own to share with us? We would love to hear from you!

Pyrénées-Orientales, FRANCE :: Benjamin & Daniel :: Charming Château In France // Real LGBTQ Wedding

:: Charming Château In France ::

Photographed by :: Lemon Three Photo

After more than 8 years of a long-distance relationship; Daniel living in London, UK and Benjamin in Perpignan, France, we decided to tie the knot in the south of France, close to Benjamin’s home town. The wedding was the coming together of both of our families.

The organisation of the wedding was challenging as Daniel was still living in the UK, and Benjamin in France. This meant that precious weekends were spent meeting suppliers, food tasting, and organizing, well… everything. The rest was done via Skype – and thank goodness for our Wedding Planner, Sarah, who managed this with ease! Another challenge we faced was ensuring that both our English and French families felt at ease. To do this, we made sure that all elements and written communication were done in both languages.

The moment we saw Château Valmy, we knew this was the place we wanted to get married. The castle is set in the beautiful region of the Pyrénées-Orientales; with stunning views of the Mediterranean sea on one side, and the Pyrenees mountains on the other. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and its own vineyard.

With the grand setting we wanted the wedding to reflect this as well. We opted for a Black Tie dress code (which was pretty unusual for our French guests who are not so used to Black Tie events). Preparations took part in the castle itself. The wedding ceremony took place in two parts; the morning at the town hall for the official signing of the papers, and then at 4.30pm in the afternoon in the gardens of the castle. The decor was simple and elegant with white chairs and a large arch of Giposofilia. Bridesmaids bouquets and the groom’s button holes were a mixture of deep red roses and Calla Lily. The ceremony was conducted by the mayor of a local town (the same one from the morning), who is a close family friend. Readings from our nearest and dearest, were mixed between English and French so all guests could understand.

The cocktail reception followed in the castle’s vineyard with magnificent views of the vineyard and the sea, with a jazz band playing softly in the background. Wines were from the vineyard and 16 different canapes were served with chef stations scattered in the garden. The evening dinner then followed indoors. Decoration was elegant and understated, with emphasis put on lighting and candles, with a simple Gipsofilia centerpiece.

Speeches from  Benjamin’s brother and Daniel’s father then led to the champagne toast, entrance of the croque en bouche tower, and then an evening with an open bar and DJ from Ibiza… We partied until 6am!


Destination Wedding. Long-Distance Love. French Vineyard.


Photography :: Lemon Three Photo
Wedding Planner :: Label’ Emotion
Venue :: Chateau Valmy
Floral :: Sarah Menager
Catering :: Dolce Vita Traiteur
Apparel {Groom’s Suits} :: Ralph Lauren
Apparel {Bridesmaid Dresses} :: David’s Bridal UK
DJ :: DJ Lady Evelyn


Pyrénées-Orientales, France.



Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: How To Look Photo-Ready When It's Cold Outside

:: How To Look Photo-Ready When It’s Cold Outside ::

Brrrr, it’s sooo cold outside and you’re due to meet with your photographer for an outside photo shoot. The wind is blowing, your cheeks are red, and your teeth are chattering… So what can you do to look your best while braving the cold? Here are a few tips that may help you survive a cold weather shoot:

Photography :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses

Photography :: Thea Volk of Rivets & Roses

1 :: Think underwear. Hopefully your outer outfit will accommodate thermal underwear, aka long johns. There are a variety of styles on the market that are close fitting under your clothing and will help you keep nice and warm. Just make sure to try them on under your outerwear to make sure your thermals can’t be seen.

2 :: If the wind is blowing, this can actually be a good thing for your hair as captured by a professional photographer. A windblown hairstyle can be quite attractive. Just make sure to let your hairdresser know so that a product conducive to the weather can be used. Make sure however, that you bring styling products with you, including a brush and a comb, to facilitate quick touch ups between shots.

Photography :: Rhonda Lewis Photography

Photography :: Rhonda Lewis Photography

3 :: To tone down bright red checks, carry a compact and mirror with you. A bit of powder should do the trick.

4 :: If at all possible, have an indoor place available close to the shoot to take a quick break, even if it’s just an automobile. You’d be a surprised at how quickly you can warm up and be ready to brave the cold again.

5 :: If you’re not worried about camouflaging the cold weather in your photos, consider playing up the cold theme by wearing really cute coats, scarfs, hats and boots. This way, you can have all sorts of fun and still stay nice and warm. Besides, you know you’ll be looking good, even with those extra layers.

Always, in any photo shoot, in any weather, just be uniquely you! You’ll be helping your photographer get the very best shots by relaxing and having fun! 

Do you have any tips as to how to look photo-ready during a cold outdoor shoot? We would love to hear your ideas!

Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: How To Stay Warm At An Outdoor Winter Wedding

:: How To Stay Warm At An Outdoor Winter Wedding ::

So, you’ve secured an absolutely amazing outdoor venue for your winter wedding (and perhaps got an equally amazing off-season discount), but how are you and your guests going to stay warm? We have a few ideas for you, and would love you to share some of yours with us…

:: Appropriate Apparel :: 

For the couple, consider non-traditional wedding wear; maybe even throw a themed wedding so you can wear a beautiful cloak or long coat. But, if you are opting for traditional, you can certainly wear a nice warm wrap in a color coordinated with your apparel or with your flowers. Leggings or even long underwear will help keep the chill away, and socks and/or boots will also help to keep you nice and cozy. For the tux wearer, a handsome overcoat and coordinated scarf would look absolutely snazzy.


NYE Wedding – Downtown Boston” by Amie Fedora is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

:: Adorning Accessories :: 

Be sure to let the guests know that the wedding will be outdoors and encourage them to dress accordingly. Plan to have a few throws, shawls and/or afghans on hand for those guests who come unprepared. For weddings on a budget, second-hand stores generally have an abundant supply of these (launder first).

:: Keep It Toasty ::

Outdoor heaters and fire pits are readily available for rent which will keep the wedding party and guests nice and toasty. Your venue may have a supply of these or you can ask for permission to bring some in. Just make sure to assign someone to ensure these are being used properly.


Firepit_12_31_13-7” by Tiny House Brewing & Farmstead is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

:: Warming Winter Beverages ::

For non-alcoholic beverages, consider serving hot apple cider, tea coffee, or cocoa as ways to warm your guests. Egg nog, hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, Peppermint Patties, mulled wine, and Hot Toddies are excellent choices for alcoholic drinks that will warm guests from their head to their toes. These beverages are delicious and will add lots of fun to the festivities. Mmmmm!

:: Comfort Food ::

If you are serving a meal outdoors hearty soups and stews would be good choices. The varieties are endless and can be chosen to blend with your wedding theme. How about serving several varieties of chili or chowders? Plus, these are all comfort foods and will add to the comradery at your celebration.

:: Party On ::

Get the party started! Whether you have a band or canned music, get your guests involved with a few participative style group dances… The Macarena, the Hokey Pokey, the Bunny Hop, the Chicken Dance, the Cupid Shuffle are just a few examples! These tunes will not only guarantee laughter, but will keep the party ‘jumping’…


Winter Wedding” by Krista Guenin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Have fun and stay warm!

Dallas, TEXAS :: Bright and Beautiful // Michael & Shane // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Bright and Beautiful ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Berg Photography

From the Grooms’ ::

The morning of the wedding, we slept in and had a relaxing morning before it was time to begin getting prepared for the ceremony that evening. Our photographers and videographers arrived at the hotel and captured every moment from us getting ready to begin our new journey as a married couple. We exchanged gifts with each other; Shane surprised Michael with scales-of-justice cufflinks and an artist to capture the ceremony on canvas. Michael surprised Shane with a pair of custom designed cufflinks with their names and wedding date and a pair of Christian Louboutins just for the wedding night.

The décor and ambiance of the entire space was everything we hoped for. The reception space was filled with bright yellow roses, custom designed topiaries at the altar with over 9,000 rose petals, crystal, and draping oncidium orchids. As guests entered the reception space, they were greeted with a candlelit, swanky lounge space filled with the fragrance of Tyler Candle’s TwentyFourSeven Glam. The guests located their table with a digital, touch-screen interface which guided them to their seat. The room was filled with yellow flowers, black candles, crystals, and draping oncidium orchids.

During the cocktail hour, servers passed hors d’oeuvres which consisted of braised duck breast topped with blackberry chutney, seared ahi tuna atop a wonton crisp, and mini truffle twice-baked potatoes with caviar. The plated dinner started with an Asian salad tossed in a sesame ginger dressing served in black Chinese take-out containers. For the main course, each guest was served with their choice of filet mignon or chicken marsala with teriyaki grilled salmon. The sides included smoked gouda potato au gratin and a display of grilled vegetables. After the cake cutting, each guest was served a slice of cake with a layer of black velvet cake and yellow butter cake filling with cream cheese frosting.

Before we started a night of partying on the dance floor, Michael’s sister and Shane’s best friend gave heartfelt toasts wishing us happiness and success as we begin the rest of our life together.

Immediately after the toasts, the band brought the crowd to their feet for what became a night full of dancing. The band played non-stop music of classic hits as well as hits from today and filled the room with high energy. As the night began to come to close, the band brought us on stage to perform our exit song, “Proud Mary.” We danced on the stage and sang with the band as they made our exit GRAND! The lead singer of the band started a train and led the crowd outside the venue as they lined up for our exit. The guests showered us in yellow rose petals as we exited the reception. We both love our diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke, so we drove away in Shane’s white Mercedes convertible with our diet soda cans tied to the back! As they left the reception, each guest was provided with an individually boxed swiss chocolate cupcake.

Our wedding was everything that we could have wanted. All of the details were executed perfectly the night of our wedding. We are extremely grateful for our incredible vendors that made our event a success.


Bold. Bright. Beautiful.


Photography :: Berg Photography
Venue {Ceremony & Reception} :: Marc Events – Em the Venue 
Catering :: Marc Events
Cake :: Silver Palate Cake Boutique {Shane’s Business – Groom} 
Event Planner, Event Design & Floral Design :: Mandy Cathey Weddings & Events
Linens :: BBJ Linen
Rentals :: Shag Carpet Productions
Ceremony Entertainment :: European Ensemble Strings
Ceremony Opera Singer :: Nereida Garcia
Reception Entertainment :: TenAcity Band
Invitations :: Royal Panache Weddings & Events
Videographer ::Inspired Effects
Live Painter :: MLB Designs


Dallas, Texas.



Jamul, CALIFORNIA :: Freedom To Love // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Freedom To Love ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Creative Weddings by Amy

It doesn’t rain in southern California often (especially in the past few years), but when it does – we embrace it as best we know how.

We spent several months working on the details for the Freedom to Love photo shoot and when the gray skies and rain clouds rolled in, it surprisingly gave us an element of enchantment that we weren’t expecting.

See how these two brides embraced not only the weather this day, but each other. You’ll also see a beautifully denim decorated sweetheart table, featuring specialty flatware, a unique ladder alter with love and touch in every detail and a one of a kind dress from Archive Bridal.


Beautiful Brides. Enchantment. Freedom to Love.

The Professionals

Photography :: Creative Weddings by Amy
Apparel (Denim striped gown and white lace fit/flare) :: Archive Bridal 
Apparel (Blue dress and white dress) :: D’Marie Couture
Tablescape & Coordination of Shoot :: Simply Elegant Weddings
Rentals :: Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals & Design
Rentals (Marquee Letters) :: SociaLights
Venue :: The Bradford Ranch
Beauty :: The Doll Service


Jamul, California.



Chicago, ILLINOIS :: Mark & Shawn :: Rooftop Romance // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Rooftop Romance ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Jodi Schlosser Photography

I have never seen so much love and emotion at a wedding. You could see how much this day meant to both guys, and every friend and family member that attended.

The stylish grooms wore blue bow ties that matched beautifully with the wedding party attire. The sunglasses and bold pops of color from the sunflowers simply added to the happiness of the day!


Bow Ties. Sunflowers. Sunglasses. Rooftop.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Jodi Schlosser Photography
Venue :: Ravenswood Event Center


Chicago, Illinois.



Beaumont, CALIFORNIA :: Susana & Skye :: Intimate Backyard Wedding // Real LGBT Wedding

:: Intimate Backyard Wedding ::

Submitted and Photographed by :: Milisa of Love with Flare Photography

Susana and Skye wanted a very intimate and cozy wedding to celebrate their love.  Close family and friends gathered in their very own backyard to witness these two amazing ladies say I do… they even FaceTimed in Skye’s brother during the ceremony! The reception was held inside their home and guests dined amongst candlelight and indulged on hot soup to warm them from the chill outside.  Each soup was homemade by the couple and family members and there were homemade treats to munch on throughout the reception.

The evening could not have been cozier or more filled with love.


Converse. Floral Crown. Female Suit. Backyard.

The Professionals

Photographer :: Love with Flare Photography


Beaumont, California.