Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Four // What Wedding Moments Are Overlooked The Most?

Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Four // What Wedding Moments Are Overlooked The Most?

We hope that after your wedding day when you sit down to look at the beautiful photographs, you don’t have regrets over certain significant memories being overlooked. It is a great idea to discuss any of those must-have moments with your photographer ahead of time. 

MRSter :: What kinds of shots are often overlooked during the wedding day?

Parker :: Every photographer has their favorite parts of weddings to capture, and for me it’s the details. I know some wedding photographers aren’t interested in photographing all the beautiful details, and when I view their work I feel they are overlooking so many beautiful shots! Always make sure you hire a photographer who is prepared to capture what is the most important part of your day, to you. That’s just my personal two cents. I am also a huge believer in capturing images of the venue. A lot of photographers automatically grab these shots, but rarely do I hear couples requesting them. If you’re spending money on it and putting time and energy into it, make sure you’re hiring a photographer who is going to capture it! I’m a huge fan of images of parents seeing their child that’s getting married all dressed up for the first time. Basically, a parental first look. There is so much emotion during this time, and setting up a specific part of the day right after getting ready to capture this makes the moment even more special. Other frequently overlooked on the wedding day, are portraits of the couple! During the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, as the couple gets tired and just wants to relax at the reception, the romantic portraits of the two of them can feel less important in the moment. These are the images that you’ll be putting on your wall, the images that you’ll be showing to your children and grandchildren, and are the single most important portraits of the whole day… Don’t overlook them! In addition, a lot of couples will include very special details into their wedding day, (heirloom jewelry, engraved rings or watches, etc.). Always tell your photographer about these items and anything else that is special to you about your wedding so they can capture these items in a way that helps tell the story of why you included it. These are the images you will still treasure in 15 years because they’re all the more meaningful.

MRSter would like to thank Parker of {MRSter Approved} company The PK Photographs for joining us in providing his professional advice to some common questions regarding wedding photography. He is pretty awesome, huh?! Don’t forget, you can check out his {MRSter Approved} photography company here. And, don’t miss part one, part two, and part three of this blog special.

Psssttt :: MRSter is proud of the dynamite team of experts that we have assembled on our ever growing FABuLIST, and are so happy to have offered these professional tips from one of our seasoned professionals. Be sure to check our website regularly for expert advice and inspiration as you plan your wedding, and remember that MRSter is a leader in wedding equality!

Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Three // Proper Lighting During Wedding Pictures... Does It Really Matter?

Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Three // Proper Lighting During Wedding Pictures… Does It Really Matter?

As we already mentioned, wedding photography is one of the biggest investments for many couples on their wedding day. You are likely to spend thousands on hiring a professional wedding photographer, so believe us when we say they certainly know best… This detail is truly one best left to the professionals.

MRSter :: How important is proper lighting?

Parker :: Proper lighting is the most important aspect of photography. Very few couples think about it, and it’s the aspect that the photographer has the least control over during a wedding. I’ve seen so many couples fill Pinterest boards with bright, daylight images, but their portrait time isn’t until after the sun has gone down… The images will look completely different. If the ceremony is taking place at noon (when the sun is the highest in the sky and produces the most unflattering shadows), it will have a huge impact on how the images look. If the ceremony is under a tree where light is shining through some of the leaves, it will often produce an unattractive pattern of shadows on everyone in the shade. With regard to indoor venues, some churches have a lot of natural light, while others are quite dark, (and generally it’s difficult to incorporate flash in a church during the ceremony). If having an indoor reception that the photographer can light well is important, choose a place with a white ceiling that isn’t too high. This gives plenty of options to direct and bounce light around. 

MRSter :: Ditto what we said about the timing of your photo shoot… When it comes to the intricate details of photography, it’s best to trust in the professional you hired.

Check out Parker’s {MRSter Approved} business The PK Photographs here.

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Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Two // Timeline Question! When Is The Best Time For Formal Pictures?

Wedding Photography Tips :: Part Two // Timeline Question! When Is The Best Time For Formal Pictures?

MRSter :: What is the best time to have your formal photo shoot?

Parker :: Personally, I love being able to do formal images of the family, bridal party, and couple before the wedding ceremony, (this typically involves the couple doing a first look). As a general rule, you want to be able to take these images in the daylight. Morning and late afternoon are two ideal times, and with the average wedding timeline, late afternoon seems to work best. Not only is this typically a great time for natural light, but everyone is looking their best. Bridesmaids haven’t lost their flowers, groomsmen haven’t accidentally headed off to the reception yet, and people are typically less drunk than they might be later in the evening! There are still a lot of couples who do not want to do a first look, and want to see their spouse for the first time during the wedding ceremony. In these situations, I ask my couples to inform everyone ahead of time who will be needed for these portraits and that they’ll need to hang back at the end of the ceremony, and then also have the officiant reiterate this at the end of the wedding ceremony. This helps everything flow smoothly and we stick to the timeline much better.

MRSter Tip :: You two have enough on your mind on your special day. So, when it comes to memorializing your wedding day, trust your professional photographer to take care of the details… That is what you invested in them for, after all.

Check out Parker’s {MRSter Approved} business The PK Photographs here.

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Wedding Photography Tips :: Part One // Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Not Take Photos At The Wedding?

Wedding Photography Tips :: Part One // Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Not Take Photos At The Wedding?

Photography has been rated as one of the top investments when planning a wedding, so we understand the value and importance of it. It holds that moment, that memory, for a lifetime, and those photographs become everlasting moments captured in a flash. You may find yourself with questions regarding this aspect of your wedding, so it is a good idea to brush up on some basic wedding photography tips, and of course, be sure to talk it over with your chosen wedding photographer before the big day.

Today, MRSter is so excited to present a four part blog post with Parker Radbourne of {MRSter Approved} company The PK Photographs. Parker will be offering us some professional wedding photography advice to some of the most common wedding photography questions…

MRSter :: Why and when is it important to ask your wedding guests to refrain from photo taking?

Parker :: I truly hate the idea of asking guests to completely refrain from taking photos. This is a huge, emotional event, and when people who rarely see each other are together, it only makes sense for them to be taking photos of themselves, with others, and of course of the couple getting married. That being said, as a professional wedding photographer, I always advise my couples to consider having an “unplugged ceremony”, where the guests are asked at the beginning of the ceremony, (some couples include it on their invitations), to refrain from taking photos, to sit back, and enjoy the event by being present. This usually sets a precedent for the rest of the event, as well, by just making the guests aware of the fact that professional photography is important to the couple.

There are two reasons for an unplugged ceremony. The first is flash, and the second is guests accidentally getting in between the professional/s and the couple… Causing missed shots. Occasionally, guests will use flash at the same time as the photographer is shooting. The photographer’s camera is set for a specific lighting situation, so the guest’s flash will completely ruin the image, and most wedding ceremonies can’t be redone to recapture images that were ruined by external factors. In addition, most guests at weddings, (even those who bring expensive cameras), aren’t used to having to work around, and constantly be aware of the location of hired photographers. When they get in the middle of the aisle to get a great shot of the couple during their first kiss, they don’t even realize that they stepped between the professional wedding photographer that the couple hired, and the couple. Then the photographer just has an image of the guest’s back… And that’s not what most couples are paying thousands of dollars for! Most guests stay seated and are quite polite during wedding ceremonies, but by asking guests to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony altogether, it rules out a lot of potential issues. Same idea during formal portraits and events during the reception. I don’t think guests should necessarily have to put away their cameras/phones during these events, but it’s very important to be respectful of the fact that the couple spent a lot of time and energy hiring a specific professional photographer.

Be sure to check out Parker’s FABuLIST listing here.

MRSter Tip:: Letting your guests know when they can take photos themselves is quite acceptable. Ways of doing so could include; having the officiant let everyone know, have it written in your ceremony program, a sign at the entrance of your ceremony, or asking your reception entertainment to announce when it is okay to take photos.

For more suggestions as to how to politely inform your guests that you are having an unplugged wedding, check out our blog post here.

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Pyrénées-Orientales, FRANCE :: Benjamin & Daniel :: Charming Château In France // Real LGBTQ Wedding

:: Charming Château In France ::

Photographed by :: Lemon Three Photo

After more than 8 years of a long-distance relationship; Daniel living in London, UK and Benjamin in Perpignan, France, we decided to tie the knot in the south of France, close to Benjamin’s home town. The wedding was the coming together of both of our families.

The organisation of the wedding was challenging as Daniel was still living in the UK, and Benjamin in France. This meant that precious weekends were spent meeting suppliers, food tasting, and organizing, well… everything. The rest was done via Skype – and thank goodness for our Wedding Planner, Sarah, who managed this with ease! Another challenge we faced was ensuring that both our English and French families felt at ease. To do this, we made sure that all elements and written communication were done in both languages.

The moment we saw Château Valmy, we knew this was the place we wanted to get married. The castle is set in the beautiful region of the Pyrénées-Orientales; with stunning views of the Mediterranean sea on one side, and the Pyrenees mountains on the other. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and its own vineyard.

With the grand setting we wanted the wedding to reflect this as well. We opted for a Black Tie dress code (which was pretty unusual for our French guests who are not so used to Black Tie events). Preparations took part in the castle itself. The wedding ceremony took place in two parts; the morning at the town hall for the official signing of the papers, and then at 4.30pm in the afternoon in the gardens of the castle. The decor was simple and elegant with white chairs and a large arch of Giposofilia. Bridesmaids bouquets and the groom’s button holes were a mixture of deep red roses and Calla Lily. The ceremony was conducted by the mayor of a local town (the same one from the morning), who is a close family friend. Readings from our nearest and dearest, were mixed between English and French so all guests could understand.

The cocktail reception followed in the castle’s vineyard with magnificent views of the vineyard and the sea, with a jazz band playing softly in the background. Wines were from the vineyard and 16 different canapes were served with chef stations scattered in the garden. The evening dinner then followed indoors. Decoration was elegant and understated, with emphasis put on lighting and candles, with a simple Gipsofilia centerpiece.

Speeches from  Benjamin’s brother and Daniel’s father then led to the champagne toast, entrance of the croque en bouche tower, and then an evening with an open bar and DJ from Ibiza… We partied until 6am!


Destination Wedding. Long-Distance Love. French Vineyard.


Photography :: Lemon Three Photo
Wedding Planner :: Label’ Emotion
Venue :: Chateau Valmy
Floral :: Sarah Menager
Catering :: Dolce Vita Traiteur
Apparel {Groom’s Suits} :: Ralph Lauren
Apparel {Bridesmaid Dresses} :: David’s Bridal UK
DJ :: DJ Lady Evelyn


Pyrénées-Orientales, France.



Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: What Is The Difference Between A Bridal Party And A Wedding Party?

:: What Is The Difference Between A Bridal Party And A Wedding Party? ::

If you’re confused by the meaning of the bridal party as opposed to the wedding party, you are not alone…

Traditionally, the bridal party means the bride, maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girl in any combination. In other words, all the females. But, what if the wedding consists of two brides, as can happen in the modern union? Likewise, traditionally the wedding party consists of everyone: the bride, maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girl, groom, best man, groomsmen, junior groomsmen, and the ring bearer. Here again in the modern union, there may be two grooms.

And how come a bride can have a bridal party, but a groom doesn’t get a groomal party?

To make matters more confusing, what if you asked a special friend or friends to do a reading or readings. And what about the mom and dad? What are they? Chopped liver? (As the saying goes.)  Or what if you’ve arranged some sort of special happening during the ceremony, like a dance done by your college roommate, or some other person doing something awesome. Aren’t they a part of it all? And what if the groom has a best woman instead of a best man? Is your head spinning yet?

Well, to simplify it all, MRSter suggests that you simply refer to everyone involved in the ceremony as the Wedding Party, and all other attendees as the Guests. This mindset will honor those special people who you’ve asked to participate a smidgen higher than your honored guests (who you wouldn’t have asked to your wedding if they were not dear to your heart – hopefully).

There. Now everyone is happy and everyone is special. What could be better?

San Antonio, TEXAS :: Rachel & Nelson :: One Beautiful Summer Day // Real Wedding

:: One Beautiful Summer Day ::

Photographed by :: Parker of The PK Photographs

I was so excited when I pulled up to The Lodge at Country Inn Cottages. Picture hay bales and open fields, surrounding a beautiful stone and wood lodge set near a hillside. The cottages up the hill are where Nelson and his groomsmen were getting ready, while Rachel and her bridesmaids were in the Bridal Suite at the Lodge.  The sky was the brightest of blues, with a few perfectly shaped white clouds, and the wind did a great job of overcoming the heat of an outdoor summer wedding in Texas.

The ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful. There were a few tears, a few laughs, and Rachel and Nelson couldn’t stop smiling at each other. A few cows even wandered into the field beside their ceremony to watch this beautiful couple tie the knot! After their ceremony, there was a reception with heart-warming toasts and beautiful dances. Such a beautiful event with beautiful, kind families and friends of this beautiful bride and groom, ending with the bride and groom dancing the night away with friends on the dance floor.


Beautiful. Nature. Let’s Dance.


Photography :: The PK Photographs
Venue :: The Lodge Event Center
Live Band :: The Kopy Kats


San Antonio, Texas.



Top Five Friday :: Top 5 Ways To Entertain Kids At Weddings

:: Top 5 Ways To Entertain Kids At Weddings ::

Kids are fabulous little people. Absolutely! But their presence at your reception can be, well, a little (cough) annoying and sometimes disruptive. So, what do you do to keep the little ones occupied during your big day to keep them entertained (and behaving)?

Here are MRSter’s top five suggestions:

1 :: Create an Arts and Crafts Table :: Kids are naturally creative, so this may be an ideal way to keep the young ones occupied. Arts and crafts have the advantage of appealing to a larger age range and can be an inexpensive way to entertain.  Stock the table with crayons, erasable markers, and paper. You can even create a contest and give away a prize for the best drawing on a topic of your choosing, like a drawing of the couple, for example. There are many other craft items that can be utilized; paper plate decorating, playdough projects, activity books, and paper folding are a few ideas to get you started.

2 :: Game Table :: A game table lends itself to entertainment for a variety of age groups. You can stock it with games like Candyland, Connect Four, Clue, Monopoly, and Operation and many others… Keeping the children entertained for hours on end!

3 :: Set up outdoor activities :: If the weather accommodates, there are oodles of fun stuff that kids can do outside. Offering jump ropes, hopscotch, hula hoops, balls of all shapes and sizes (as long as they are soft and won’t cause damage) and competitive games, like a bean bag toss, can add lots of fun for the young ones.

4 :: Hire an Entertainer :: You may want to hire a clown, a face painter, a (fake) tattoo artist, a caricature artist, a storyteller, an action hero impersonator, a magician, or a combination of several of these entertainers. Check with an event planner to find out which entertainers are available in your area.

5 :: Utilize your Venue :: Many venues have a side room available which you can equip with a sitter and movies. This is especially helpful for an evening wedding when the kids can get tired and sleepy. You can scatter throw pillows and blankies about the room. For an outdoor wedding, a tent can serve the same purpose.

These ideas will help EVERYONE at your wedding have the best time ever.

Or, you can simply opt to have an Adult Only Wedding. But, that’s another story…

Gallatin, TENNESSEE :: Laura & Jeremy :: Blessings From Above // Real Wedding

:: Blessings From Above ::

Photographed by :: Anjeanette Illustration Photography

The couple met their sophomore year at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where Laura was studying for her Architecture degree, and Jeremy for his Sport Management degree. Jeremy planned a surprise Christmas time proposal near a pond and fountain, where he had draped his car in white Christmas lights and “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele was playing over the stereo.

Fast forward to the wedding… They say when it rains on a wedding day, blessings and good fortune are pouring down from above, and in that case Laura & Jeremy were indeed covered! Jeremy and Laura were both so giddy and excited to be getting married that the weather did not phase them! As a photographer, their positive and excited attitudes made all the difference in the world for successful photos.

In my opinion, a happy brides smile makes for the best of photos! Thankfully, we had had a brief dry moment before the storm for an intimate first look, with only a large group of deer to witness! Their wedding day in September was 7 years to the weekend from when they first began dating, and Laura said she was so excited to be marrying her best friend!

One of the most touching parts of this sweet and intimate wedding, was the display table of framed portraits of family members on their wedding days. Also, many of the items were handmade by family in a very chic and charming manner. Their guests signed well wishes into their bible, and several large groupings of soft candle light completed the warm glow.


Best Friends. Intimate. Blessed.


Photography :: Anjeanette Illustration Photography
Venue :: The Pick Inn


Gallatin, Tennessee.