Wedding Wisdom Wednesday :: Secrets To A Successful Marriage

:: Secrets To A Successful Marriage ::

We are all imperfect human beings, and as such we squabble, disagree and occasionally fight with our life partner… That’s only natural. If it weren’t so, we’d get really bored because we would all be alike – no surprises. So what makes a marriage endure? LOVE of course, and commitment, patience and understanding all contribute to a good marriage. Here are a few specific things you can do to help make your marriage a long and successful one:

:: Have a date night at least once a month, preferably once each week. Pick a night to do this and stick with it. Each partner should contribute ideas as to where to go, so make sure no one says, “We always go where YOU want to go.” Wherever your destination is, allocate some time for talking and be prepared with questions to ask your spouse. You can discuss news items, your respective jobs, deep feelings – whatever. Just talk!

Date Night

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:: Be a champion for your spouse. Be their encourager, defender, and number one fan. Don’t ever put him or her down in public or in private. Be respectful. If you have a disagreement, address it in a non-combative tone. You married this person for love. Never forget your admiration for your spouse, even in times of anger.

:: A little goes a long way. Do little things to serve each other… Make a special meal. Bring your spouse a nice cold drink when he or she is hard at work. Write little love notes. Speak your language of love. Bring your spouse flowers. Give a back massage. Run a candlelit bath. There are countless ways to make your spouse feel special. Employ them.

Love Note

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:: If you screw up in some way, don’t hesitate to admit it. Apologize, and move on. If you are being apologized to, be gracious about accepting the sincere apology. I’m not talking about repeated apologies for the same issue that happens over and over again. If that is the case, seek professional counseling. But, always own up to your mistakes sincerely, learn a lesson, and then move on.

:: Laugh together. Shared laughter is cathartic; it brings you closer, it lifts your spirits, it reduces stress, it personifies your oneness, warms your relationship and tunes you in to each other. But don’t laugh at the expense of your partner. That has the opposite effect. Find things that make you both laugh, but the best laughter usually comes spontaneously.

Happy Marriage

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:: Never, ever keep secrets from one another. True intimacy has no room for secrets. You two became one when you got married. You should trust your partner to the extent that it is not necessary to keep secrets. How would you feel if you found out your partner was keeping something from you? You would feel betrayed, I suspect, unless your partner was planning a surprise birthday bash! So, make every effort to be open, honest, forthright and truthful with your partner.

Do you have any relationship tips to share with us? We would love to hear your best advice for a good marriage!