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:: Are Photo Booths Still Popular at Weddings? ::

Personally, I LOVE photo booths. However, our team at MRSter wondered if photo booths were perhaps starting to lose out to cell phones and selfie sticks, or whether they were in fact still a huge trend within the market. We connected with Andy DeLisle of {MRSter Approved} The Self Portrait Station to ask how he competes with today’s technology.

Andy states: 

We don’t compete directly with cell phones and selfie sticks. What we compete for is the attention of the guests. We offer an experience that doesn’t compare to cell phone selfies and is inclusive for all guests. We also offer social media uploads directly from our setup, where we post photos to Facebook and encourage the guests to tag themselves. We pride ourselves in producing a high quality produce; from the lighting we use to the high quality inkjet prints. This sets us apart from the competition and keeps people coming back.”

You know, it’s true! There is really a ton of difference between a selfie and a professional photo booth. Plus, they add so much fun! Andy adds, “Between our high quality prints and fashion lighting, which makes everyone look fabulous, we really stand out.”

Another professional photographer and photo booth owner Tammie Billey of {MRSter Approved} Social Station, had this to say on the subject: 

We are a selfie nation, we are the generation that loves to kiss our own reflection and make goofy faces to paste to social media. But what happens when someone is behind the camera? We tend to give far less of ourselves, we become much more conservative. It happens all the time. We can be free when we take our own photo, but as soon as someone is holding the camera trying to take a picture, all of those unspoken rules that your mom beat into your head take over: Stand up straight, don’t slouch, smile better, don’t be goofy, etc, etc… So why not get a Photo Booth and let your guests be who they are? You know those goofy sonsabeeches you always knew they were. Having a Photo Booth not only removes the middle man standing behind the camera, it encourages your guests to be comfortable and to be themselves. Free their spirit! It’s absolutely amazing because returning guests always choose their own partners in crime and drag them into the booth to spice up their experience and take it up a notch. Not only does it bring down the barriers, it kicks up the life of the party. The best part is that your guests get to have a keepsake, a physical tangible print that they can leave with from your event: memorabilia, and instant gratification. And in this day and age of social media, today’s photo booths can now instantly upload to that electronic cloud in the sky. Photo booth at an event? YES PLEASE!”

Photo booths are for sure, still very cool and great additions to events, including your wedding! What do you think? Please feel free to share your own photo booth experience with us in the comments below! 

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