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:: The Most Affordable Flowers For Spring Weddings ::

Ahh, flowers! They are beautiful, festive and add so much pizzazz to any celebration, especially your wedding! The tradition of displaying and/or carrying flowers at weddings go back many centuries and continues to this day.

For a spring wedding, there are a number of inexpensive blooms that your florist can arrange in many delightful creations. Make sure to communicate your ideas to your florist, even if they are just general ideas, so he or she can have a direction from which to build the various arrangements for your special day. Here are a few blooms that are relatively inexpensive in the springtime, making them perfect, and affordable flowers for Spring weddings:

:: Alstroemeria :: Also known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and tends to last a comparatively long time. (Especially nice when you plan to give away your flowers to guests at the end of the festivities.) They resemble a delicate miniature Lily and are lovely in bouquets and flower arrangements, and even hair pieces (see below).

:: Carnations :: Probably the cheapest flowers available, these beauties also last a long time. Interestingly, their scientific name comes from two greek words   “dios”, referring to the god Zeus, and “anthos”, meaning flower. Carnations are thus known as the “The Flowers of God”. Their various colors have come to represent different meanings. For example, red carnations represent deep love and affection while white carnations represent pure love and good luck.

:: Daisy :: These naturally white but tintable springtime blooms can be used to make up an entire arrangement or can be used as filler flowers. Pretty and versatile, they are one of the most well-known flowers on earth.

Daisy Bouquet

Floral :: {MRSter Approved} Butterfly Petals               Photography :: {MRSter Approved} Depoy Studios

:: Chrysanthemums :: Also known simply as mums, these pretty and whimsical flowers are great in bouquets and centerpieces. They symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.

:: Sweet Peas :: Wonderfully fragrant and available in a variety of colors, these springtime blossoms can be used in arrangements ranging from the elegant to the rustic, either alone or mixed with other blossoms.  

Take your time to choose your flowers. Work closely with your florist, and enjoy the beauty and fragrance these springtime flowers bring to your wedding day!

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